Ready to hear a true Cinderella story? Nineteen-year-old runway model Remington Williams has got a really good one. One month she was washing dishes at a Chipotle and the next she was strutting down the runway at New York Fashion Week.

Williams has recently taken the fashion world by storm working for Calvin Klein and Marc Jacobs, and you鈥檇 never guess it, but she has ZERO previous modeling experience.

The Austin-based teen was working part-time and studying to be a graphic designer when Tanni Foreman, who owns Foreman Management (a scouting agency that places models all over the world), discovered her in early August.

鈥淲ith me, when I see a potential model, I can tell really quickly, I can see in their face if they鈥檝e got what it takes,鈥 Foreman told Austin 360. The scout snapped of pic of Williams 鈥 in uniform no less! 鈥 and signed Williams to DNA Models within days. After a crash course in catwalking, she arrived in New York City, where she was dubbed by Vogue 鈥淣ew York Fashion Week鈥檚 Buzziest Model.鈥

Despite making quite the splash with her debut, there are still a couple of things the new model is getting used to. 鈥淸I鈥檝e been wearing] the heels to the grocery store and bodega near my apartment,鈥 Williams told Vogue. 鈥淢odels do not get enough credit for walking in those crazy shoes 鈥 they make it look so easy!鈥

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(Photo via Peter White/Getty)