Colors affect us much more than we realize. They can influence our feelings, our reactions and even our appetite! While we thrive on as many bright shades as possible, there’s just something so pleasing and awesome about a room that can commit to a solo hue. Here are 15 monochromatic rooms to get you in the color zone.

1. Red: This energizing color has been known to stimulate conversation and stir up excitement. You could totally rock a red living room or make a statement in your entryway. (via BHG)

2. Blue: Need a place to relax and unwind? Blue is your color. It also increases productivity, so you can blow through those emails in no time. (via Craft-O-Rama)

3. Brown: Brown hues are nice and neutral. Best of all, they invoke feelings of warmth and comfort. Anyone else suddenly craving hot chocolate? (via Architectural Digest)

4. Purple: Did we just walk into Prince’s house or what?! Purple is the color of royalty and speaks to luxury and wealth. While we’ll never be royals, we’ll take the creativity it encourages. (via Style Estate)

5. Yellow: Possibly the happiest shade, yellow brings thoughts of sunshine, cheerfulness and Bob Ross happy trees. We vote you put a dose of it in every room in your house. (via Fresh Home)

6. Green: No doubt. Alfonso Cuarón would definitely be down with this room. A favorite of many, green promotes calm and health as well as improving your reading — no joke. Basically, it gives you superpowers. (via Fresh Home)

7. White: While we see a million decorating options here, white is definitely a clean color and is perfect for small rooms that need to look bigger. (via Facing North With Gracia)

8. Pink: Marie Antoinette had the right idea with her style. Pink is usually associated with love and romance, hence those pink and passionate red Valentines. (via Lonny)

9. Black: Okay, maybe it makes you think of a certain fur-obsessed Disney villain, but this inky hue also says chic and classic. (via Desire to Inspire)

10. Mint: Mint is kind of having its moment right now, and such a pretty pastel color will make those bright fruits and veggies really pop on your counter. (via Homedit)

11. Gold: A pale combination of white and yellow will complement pretty much anything. (via BHG)

12. Peach: Combining romantic pink with energetic orange is definitely a good idea for the bedroom… if you catch our drift. (via Davinong)

13. Gray: If you really loved 50 Shades of Grey, take it into the bedroom. Bow chicka wow wow. (via Design Sponge)

14. Aqua: Green + blue = a winning color combination that will bring your living room to life. (via Elements of Style)

15. Dusty: Using any dusty shade in the bedroom gives you the excuse to throw in a bright color like red or yellow without docking your calming points. (via Chatelaine)

What’s your opinion of monochromatic rooms? Which color would you use? Tell us below!