A few weekends ago, we teamed up with Lowe’s to chat with all sorts of Bay Area folks about interior design. We helped dozens of people create their own unique DIY Coat Racks (peep photos below!) and answered lots of questions about home decor. And, since we figure a lot of you might have the same questions, we’re here to share a few key interior design rules as well as a collection of stylish decor pieces we found at Lowe’s.

First, the rules!

1. Choose a Color Palette: When it comes to your home, it’s good to choose a general color palette that echoes throughout your space. If you’re feeling really bold, you can also create a color palette for each room. This will ensure that your home feels cohesive, even if you have an eclectic collection of objects and furniture. It will also help you curate better, so you don’t end up with a crazy collection of lamps, artwork and what not that don’t fit together.

2. Layer Your Lighting: Create more dimension in your space by layering your lights. Go for one big overhead light, along with table lamps and standing lamps throughout the room. This will create a warm vibe instead of a stark one, as often happens when people employ only overhead lighting.

3. Coordinate Your Textiles: You don’t want your pillows, curtain and rug to all be the exact same pattern, but you do want them to coordinate. Go for a variety of patterns but within the same color palette. And remember to include a few solids to counter all the patterns and textures in your room.

4. Add in Focal Points: Now that you’ve got all the little pieces in place, it’s time to design in a focal point or two. You can use a large statement mirror to create a focal point (with the added bonus of making the room feel bigger!) or you can create a salon wall with a mix of photographs and art work. If you’re feeling really motivated, you can even create a statement wall by painting a mural right onto your wall!

Want more tips on how to style your home for less? Check out the video above!

Now, back to the blues! If you’re looking to add some color to your home, look no further. We’ve picked out 9 chic yet affordable accessories items from Lowe’s that will turn around your style blues.

1. allen + roth Abstract Canvas ($15): Create a salon wall including this abstract art which makes us think of the ocean, the sky and a general sense of calm.

2. Light Blue Ceramic Decorative Lantern ($17): How cool is this lantern? We’re digging the vintage vibe.

3. allen + roth Rectangular Blue Geometric Area Rug ($238): Yes — you can totally score a stylish rug for less than you thought.

4. allen + roth Oberlin Geometric Curtain ($27): Remember, don’t go too matchy matchy. Choose a pattern for your curtains that coordinates with your pillows and rug, without looking too cookie cutter.

5. allen + roth Linen Decorative Pillow ($20): Instead of a pillow with a pattern printed onto it, go for this textured embroidered option.

6. Woodland Imports Owl Vase ($42): Hark, HOOOOO goes there? ;)

7. allen + roth Aqua Glass Vase ($20): We love the ombre look of this classy vase. Now, if only we had some fresh flowers to put in it…!

8. Garden Treasures Ceramic Candle ($4): Never underestimate the power of a candle! It brings light and life to the room with a simple flip of the switch, or match if we’re being literal about it.

9. Garden Treasures Outdoor Decorative Pillow ($14): One more pillow, for good measure.

What recent hardware store projects have you made? Tell us about them in the comments below.

This post is a collaboration with Lowe’s.