Old houses display them. Old movies portray them. Black and white floors have been around for ages, and it’s easy to see why. They just happen to be classy and give a room loads of opportunity. Not to mention timeless! Here are 21 ways to incorporate a black and white floor into your home.

1. Classic Checkerboard: When you think of a black and white floor, the classic checkerboard pattern comes to mind. It definitely helps show off the yellow chairs in this dining room. (via Vii Villa)

2. Patterned Floor: Black and white doesn’t have to be checkerboard. This triangle floor is super trendy and a cool spin on the classic. (via A Beautiful Mess)

3. Diamond Floor: Use black and white striped tiles to create a beautiful diamond floor. We wouldn’t mind having this in our bathroom. (via Remodelista)

4. Small and Large Tiles: Trust us: You won’t be able to stop looking at your feet. (via NY Mag)

5. Stripe It: Stripes are classic. Combine the two and you have a floor that simply can’t help but be glamorous. (via Oneill Studios)

6. Up the Stairs: You don’t need color to make a statement. Cover your stairs in black and white wallpaper for a pop of surprise. (via Galeria)

7. Use a Rug: If you don’t have the time to create a black and white masterpiece, use a black and white rug and get the same effect. (via Mix and Chic)

8. Patterned Tiles: Please, please, please, tell us that you have a claw-footed bathtub that you can paint an awesome bright color! (via Happy Family)

9. Laundry Room Checks: Taking the look into your laundry room makes for a clean, contemporary look. (via Frame Fanatic)

10. Black and White Bathroom: A black and white floor in your bathroom can give you a blank slate for bright towels and fuzzy rugs — which just so happen to be must haves for relaxing baths. (via Smile and Wave)

11. Stair Step Pattern: Wanna play a game? Forgo the typical square tiles for rectangular tiles to get a totally different effect. (via Little Green Notebook)

12. Black and White for Kids: Not all kids’ rooms must have color galore. A black and white rug with black and white patterned wallpaper can make for a fun space as well! (via Apartment Therapy)

13. Honeycomb Floor: Tile in a honeycomb pattern? Now isn’t that just the best thing you’ve ever seen? (via 1st Dibs)

14. Pained Furniture: While painted furniture looks great almost anywhere, putting it on a black and white floor can really put a spotlight on it. (via Splendid Sass)

15. Cowhide Rug: Having trouble choosing your style? A black and white cowhide rug can be chic and country at the same time. (via Places in the Home)

16. Bright Walls: Black and white on the floor can make a perfect canvas for bright paint on the walls. (via From Scandinavia With Love)

17. Get Some Green: Bringing plants into your home can be good for your mental and physical health. Not to mention they look fabulous against the floors. (via Houzz)

18. Painted Wood: Live in a wooden floored house? That doesn’t leave you out of the black and white floors trend. Just paint it on. (via Design Shimmer)

19. Black and White and Gold: If you have a black and white floor, it’s only natural that you would add gold accents to the room to complete the chic look. (via A Perfect Gray)

20. Mix ‘n ‘Match: Got a myriad of monochromatic mismatched tile? Arrange it all in one room and you’ll have the queen of all floors. (via The Design Chaser)

21. Checkered Playhouse: Don’t let the kids skip the fun. Cover their playhouse floor in checkerboard and their imaginary ice cream parlor just became the most popular place to hang on the block. (via Tea Pea)

Do you have black and white floors in your home? Are you pining for them? Tell us below!