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1. It鈥檚 a bittersweet time as KUWTK wrapped its 12th season early in the wake of Kim鈥檚 Paris robbery. While Kim, who Khloe told Ellen yesterday is 鈥渘ot doing that well,鈥 decided to skip out on at least the photo booth shenanigans, the rest of her siblings seemed to have had a blast, mugging for the camera and doing what they do best 鈥 have fun spending time together.

2. Gwyneth Paltrow鈥檚 dad got REALLY real about how fame changed her. In a new interview with Harper鈥檚 Bazaar, Gwyneth admitted that her late father wasn鈥檛 always supportive of her Hollywood lifestyle. 鈥淚 remember when I was maybe 27 years old and kind of at the height of my movie stardom 鈥 it was around the time of [my 1999 Best Actress Oscar for Shakespeare in Love]鈥 she said. 鈥淚 was sitting with my dad, feeling great about my life and everything that was happening, and he was like, 鈥榊ou know, you鈥檙e getting a little weird 鈥 You鈥檙e kind of an a鈥揾ole.鈥 And I was like, 鈥榃hat the hell?鈥 I was totally devastated.鈥 Gwyneth credits her dad鈥檚 honesty with resetting her priorities. And now we have GOOP.

3. Milo Ventimiglia has some pretty wise dating advice that he had to learn the hard way. Speaking with E! News recently, Milo gushes over his This Is Us co-star Mandy Moore, but admits that there鈥檚 no way they鈥檇 ever date 鈥 he learned that from dating Gilmore Girls costar Alexis Bledel and Heroes costar Hayden Panettiere. 鈥淏ad idea 鈥 don鈥檛 sh*t where you eat,鈥 he said. Noted! (Photo via Astrid Stawiarz/Getty)

4. Donald Glover and his GF went and had a baby in secret. The Atlanta star has kept super private about his personal life 鈥 so private that we don鈥檛 know his GF鈥檚 name or that they had a baby together, a source tells US. (`even if it WAS pretty suspect when she was spotted with a baby bump in Hawaii earlier this year.) Donald hasn鈥檛 commented on his new fatherhood yet, but now is a perfect time to say if you鈥檙e not watching Atlanta yet, start. Right now. (Photo via Frederick M. Brown/Getty)

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5. Katie Holme鈥檚 makeup-free beauty is truly unfair. Really. Sure, there are some filters applied here, but frankly there aren鈥檛 enough filters in the world to make us look as luminous as a makeup-less Katie Holmes, as pictured on her Instagram. Not to mention those gray hairs peeking out. Way to rock the natural look, Katie!

6. Quote of the day: 鈥淚 feel sorry for you, really.鈥 Adele weighs in on the Presidential election at her Washington DC concert, sympathizing with her American fans. Sniff. Thanks, Adele.

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