Perhaps Lorelai of Gilmore Girls said it best: “I guess this goes on the ‘boy, was I wrong’ list, right above gauchos but just below the Flashdance phase.” We’ve all rocked fashion looks which at the time made us think we were ever so chic — the writer of this article was particularly fond of bouffants during her college years — that now make us wonder WTF we were thinking. Because even though we may be more in tune with the trends of the moment, and even able to pull off more looks in our teens and 20s, according to a new survey, we don’t hit our style stride until age 30.


UK insurance company More Than found that, on average, a woman reaches her style peak at the age of 30 because she has more confidence in her style sensibilities and usually owns more valuable clothes, shoes, bags and jewelry at this age than any other. By this decade, you tend to know what looks best on you (hopefully) and you also know what you like and what you don’t. In other words, you have found an amazing pair of booties that not only look super chic, but also won’t cut off circulation to your toes.

Think some of your favorite fashionable celebs. Many of them, including Mindy Kaling, Rachel Bilson, Jessica Alba, Kerry Washington and Alexa Chung really seem to have come into their own as 30-somethings. Now they’re fashion icons!

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The study also found that, in their 30s, UK women own an average of 212 pieces of clothing with about 24 pieces of jewelry and seven pairs of designer shoes. And thanks to those bigger 30-year-old paychecks their wardrobe is now worth about £7,658 ($11,000) with shoes coming in around the £2,086 ($3,000) mark. While these exact stats might vary in the US or elsewhere, we’re willing to guess that the overlap of disposable income + personal confidence makes for a comparable style boost across the board.


In comparison, men experience their style ‘coming of age’ at 36.

Though you think or hope a person’s style would continue to improve as they age, the survey found that the value of a person’s style and their style confidence decreases. But we’d like to think we can defy those odds!

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