B+C Studios in partnership with Nike

Hi guys, Brit Morin here, founder of Brit + Co. Starting this week, I’m getting back to my fitness goals with more #GiveItAWeek challenges. I love these seven-day experiments because they force me to break out of my comfort zone for a week and try something new. It’s truly been the most transformative thing I’ve ever done for my own personal growth.

I’ve always had a love-don’t-love relationship with running. I LOVE how I feel post-workout, but building up the motivation to actually do it is HARD, especially now with two kiddos in tow. Finding the time and energy to run is rare on both counts. But I’m ready to up my running game now that the kids are back in school and we’re settling back into normal schedules.

That’s why I’ve teamed up with Nike to test out their new Joyride Run Flyknit running shoes. Have you tried them? So cool: there’s no sock-liner; instead, there are thousands of tiny beads that adapt to your foot to help make it easier to run. And new running shoes = best motivation, am I right?

Join me (for real, please join me?!) this Sunday on Instagram Stories @brit as I beat running boredom with a slew of new runs: intervals, hills (not my favorite!), and even a little endurance thrown into the mix. See you on the trail!