British brand Mr. Kipling specializes in making cakes. Little, individually-wrapped cakes. Think Little Debbie, but these look way better. Step up your game, Deb! Their campaign 鈥淟ife is better with cake,鈥 has gotten a lot of attention thanks to their latest billboard.

We seriously wish we could fly across the pond to get a look at it鈥 and a bite of it too. At first glance, sure it鈥檚 striking with beautiful icing-like script and bright pink and green stripes, but if you look closer, you鈥檒l notice that the entire thing is made of tiny, delicious cakes. The letters? Yeah, those are made of real icing!

In case you鈥檙e rusty on your cake math, it took 13,360 individual desserts to make this sidewalk billboard. After seven hours of lining up these little treats one by one, people looked on with oohs and aahs. Probably a few 鈥渕mms鈥 too.

After passerbys got a good look of the amazing billboard, it was time to eat it. The Mr. Kipling folks started taking it apart piece by delicious piece and handing out the cakes to people walking by, disassembling their edible masterpiece so all could enjoy firsthand.

This isn鈥檛 the first time Mr. Kipling has given out free cake. In 2012, they had bus shelter ads that doubled as 鈥淐ake-to-Go鈥 dispensers (above). Anyone could walk up, push a glowing button and BAM! Out came free cake.

We鈥檙e seriously thinking about moving to London and hanging out 鈥檛il the next Kipling free cake fest. Sound good to you guys? Cheerio, then.

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(h/t/ Foodiggity)