Sharpie markers are one of the most versatile DIY tools you can get your hands on. They are easy to use, fairly inexpensive and are available in a huge range of colors from neon to metallics. Plus, they’re great for any surface and are permanent on even the most hard-to-mark surfaces. Whether you want some personalized throw pillows, a huge piece of wall art or a wardrobe update, Sharpies are the only tool you need. Check out these 20 awesome DIY projects that you’ll never be able to believe were made with a simple marker.

1. Decorated Ring Dish: Add some feminine touches to a ring dish with a pretty pastel flower. Then add tiny polka dots and a teal rim for some extra pizzazz. (via Pitter and Glink)

2. Sharpie Slipcovers: Feeling adventurous with those inexpensive IKEA slipcovers? Take a Sharpie to those chairs and whip out a classy leopard print in no time. (via Little Green Notebook)

3. Doodle Lamps: Waiting for that next bright idea gets a little bit better with this graphic lamp. Decorate a plain white shade with a black Sharpie with comic-like lightbulbs. (via Jade and Fern)

4. Sharpie Garden: Did you pick up some rocks on your summer beach adventures? This is a fun craft that you can do with the kids. Just give ’em the green paint and you can add the delicate white spikes and dots with an oil-based white Sharpie. (via Wonderful DIY)

5. Sharpie Mug: If you have some plain mugs sitting around the house or office, add some personal touches with a Sharpie. Wouldn’t a pair of these be a cute bridesmaids present with each person’s specific drink order on the side? (via A Beautiful Mess)

6. Colorful Stationery: Decorating envelopes is one of the best reasons for snail mail. All you need for this one is a ruler and a Sharpie to make some “edgy” envelopes. (via Martha Stewart)

7. Sharpie Watercolor: Dress up some boring white pillows with some Sharpie designs like polka dots or feathers and add alcohol to make a cool watercolor effect. (via Brit + Co)

8. Sharpie Gift Wrapping: Grab a couple desk accessories for this cute wrapping idea. Just draw flowers or doodles on some colorful Post-its and use them to decorate a plain brown paper gift. (via Vixy Blu)

9. Dresser Knobs: Get this unique look by coloring your porcelain knobs with Sharpie markers, let them sit overnight and then bake in the oven. These will bring a luxe look to your bedside table or dresser. (via Teal and Lime)

10. Gold Jewelry Stands: If your jewelry is looking a little sad and neglected in a plain white dish, grab a magical golden Sharpie and draw some criss crosses. You probably don’t want to put food right on the paint, but for display and parties, these are the perfect accessory. (via The Sweetest Digs)

11. Watercolor Pillows: Who knew rubbing alcohol and Sharpies could make such a vibrant watercolor effect? If you don’t have much faith in your ability to draw a recognizable design, just scribble away with bright Sharpies and let the colors run free. (via HGTV)

12. Watercolor Coasters: Add some serious color to your coffee table with these awesome watercolored coasters. After you got a design you like, spray them with a fixative to make sure your damp drinks don’t ruin the artwork. (via Sharpie)

13. Patterned Shorts: Give your shorts some new life and personality with a trendy Aztec pattern. Triangles and zig-zag lines look cool no matter how you draw them. (via Boat People)

14. Gold Rimmed Bowls: Put those gold metallics to use on the edge of pretty patterned bowls. Once baked, these bowls are dishwasher-safe, so you can use them as dipping bowls, for snacks or just decoration. (via The Lovely Drawer)

15. Ikat Easter Eggs: Ikat is the trendiest pattern going around home decor right now, so skip the usual tie dye and make these stunningly mature Easter eggs for year-round decor. (via The Pink Doormat)

16. Black and Gold Map: Print off a black world map and then practice your calligraphy with a gold or silver Sharpie to label all the continents or the places you’ve been. Frame it for a stylish piece of wall art that celebrates your wanderlust. (via Everyday Reading)

17. Patterned Votives: Reuse some white cups you already have to make pretty storage for makeup brushes or other bathroom essentials. (via Today’s Creative Life)

18. Big Wall Art: Trying to figure out a cheap way to fill up a big empty wall? Grab a giant piece of wood and a Sharpie and have at it. The joy of abstract art is that you can make any sort of design and play it off as modern art. (via Vintage Revivals)

19. Gold Striped Ramekins: The little lines on ramekins are practically begging for some gold accents. The gold accents make these desserts look 10 times fancier. (via Sarah Johnson)

20. DIY Sneakers: Pick a fun + bright color scheme to slap on those giveaway-pile sneaks. While this DIY calls for paint pens, sharpies will work just fine also. (via Brit + Co)

What cool things have you made with Sharpies? Share your crafty ideas in the comments below!