There are other ways to beat the summer heat besides staying at home and binge-watching Orange Is the New Black. Step away from the remote and into the air conditioning of an awesome museum. From far-out art to spectacular science, these 10 museum exhibits are as captivating as Crazy Eyes. Add them to your summer must-see list pronto.

1. Quilts and Color: These aren鈥檛 your grandma鈥檚 quilts (unless your grandma happened to be a visionary). Stop in to see the kaleidoscope of color and Op Art-esque designs at Boston鈥檚 Museum of Fine Arts. But hurry 鈥 the exhibition鈥檚 only around through the end of July. (via Museum of Fine Arts Boston)

2. NYC Makers: The MAD Biennial: Take a look at some of the incredible craftsmanship on display at NYC鈥檚 Museum of Art and Design. From furniture to fashion to food, this exhibition hosts some serious talent. Try walking away without being inspired to get your DIY on. (via Museum of Art and Design)

3. Convergences: The Getty鈥檚 photography collection is celebrating 30 years with an exhibition that juxtaposes some of its most riveting contemporary and historical photographs. On display will be recent acquisitions by buzzed-about artists like Cindy Sherman. Haul the heck over to L.A. for this one, folks. (via Getty Center)

4. A T. Rex Named Sue: With a name like that, she sounds sweet, but the dino greeting visitors at Chicago鈥檚 Field Museum is pretty intimidating, what with her 58 razor-sharp teeth and a skull weighing 600 pounds. Since the next Jurassic Park movie isn鈥檛 coming out 鈥檛il next summer, a visit to Sue is the perfect way to get your prehistoric kicks. (via The Field Museum)

5. Dream Cars: Still bummed that we don鈥檛 have flying cars yet? The super cool concept cars on display at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta are as close as you can get. And you thought a Maserati was neat-o. (via High Museum)

6. Jeff Koons: A Retrospective: If you need more giant, chrome balloon animals in your life, then head over to NYC鈥檚 Whitney Museum for Koon鈥檚 first retrospective. The show spans Koon鈥檚 35-year career and makes a solid case for the artist鈥檚 鈥渋con鈥 status. (via Whitney Museum)

7. Summer of Epic Adventure: The Sequel: It鈥檚 a cross between a mega-obstacle course and a superhero costume party at the Children鈥檚 Museum of Houston this summer. Take your little cousin and be the coolest aunt ever. Or heck! Go by yourself; we won鈥檛 tell. (via Children鈥檚 Museum聽of Houston)

8. Graphic Design: Now in Production: Calling all typography nerds. This exhibit at the famed Rhode Island School of Design is a must-see. The best part? No Comic Sans in sight. (via RISD Museum)

9. Pulse Spiral: Still get the shivers whenever you hear your own heartbeat? Well, hook up to a sensor from the Pulse Spiral and you can actually see it. This interactive installation at San Francisco鈥檚 Exploratorium is heart-poundingly cool. (via Exploratorium)

10. Expressionism in Germany and France: From Van Gogh to Kandinsky: This show at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art is bringing out all the modern heavy weights 鈥 Van Gogh and Kandinsky are joined by C茅zanne, Gauguin, Matisse and others. Skip the Mensa meeting and join this room full of geniuses. (via L.A. Museum of Art)

Which museum exhibition are you adding to your must-see list? What鈥檚 the last one you鈥檝e visited? Tell us in the comments below!