We all love nail polish — really we do. But there are a few downsides to the stuff that have made us look into other options. Nail wraps are the latest craze that we can’t get enough of, and for good reason. You can easily change up your look anytime you want with patterns, different colors or just about anything else. They also last much longer than nail polish ever does, which is a huge upside. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite wraps from several different brands, so take a look!


1. Cut It Out ($12): This stunning option from Rad Nails is as unique as it is fun. Who needs to pick just one color when you can have so many?


2. Silver Nail Wraps ($8): Not feeling an intricate design? Opt for these gorgeous metallic silver wraps instead.


3. Jungalow Nail Wraps ($13): This gorgeous jungle-themed option comes from our very own Brit + Co shop!


4. Nautical Nail Wraps ($10): Why not get a little nautical to celebrate the warm weather? With gorgeous pinks and blues, this is a beautiful, vibrant option.

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 3.21.33 PM

5. Lacework Nail Wrap ($8): This stunning option combines metallics with intricate lacework, leaving your nails looking exquisitely detailed with a bright sheen of gold. Wear them alone or over another color for a bold look.


6. Pizza Nail Decals ($5): Celebrate your love of pizza on your nails! These awesome decals can easily be applied on top of any nail wrap or polish for a little extra pizza-zz.


7. Mint Sparkle Nail Wraps ($8): These gorgeous mint + gold nail wraps will go with anything and everything in your summer wardrobe.


8. Illuminati Nail Wraps ($12): Metallic nails are definitely in this season (and every season), and this cutout version puts a unique spin on the trend.


9. Reclining Nude Nail Wraps ($13): For a different take on nudes, try out these awesome abstract wraps. Paired with stacked rings and a summery dress, this look will have you ready to tackle your weekend in style.

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 3.45.10 PM

10. Botanical Nail Wraps ($8): Feeling in the mood for something a bit more floral? Try out these boho-botanical nail wraps from Scratch.

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 3.46.48 PM

11. Dragons Den Nail Wraps ($12): Are you a Game of Thrones fan? Channel Daenerys with this dragon scale-themed nail wrap. They’ll also look great with a mermaid costume come Halloween 2015.


12. Stroke of Gold Nail Wraps ($13): This take on the gilded nail trend comes in the form of gorgeous paint strokes. We think they would look super on trend over a coat of white or black polish.


13. Pretty in Pink Aztec ($6): With its bold, vibrant colors, this Aztec-themed nail wrap will brighten up any look.


14. Albert Mertz Nail Wraps ($13): Looking for a fun, artsy wrap? This red and blue option is just the thing.

Have you used nail wraps before? Which of these are you dying to buy? Let us know in the comments below!