Nothing makes us happier than rocking a seriously chic manicure. We love trying out the best new colors and styles, and are constantly changing up our nail art game. With some truly beautiful trends for fall, we have a whole bunch of new looks we鈥檙e simply dying to try out. Check out our favorite autumnal styles below.

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1. Gilded Nails: Perfect for the girl that likes a little glitz and glamour in her life, these nails not only look chic but they are surprisingly easy! While the tutorial uses burgundy and gold, feel free to mix and match a color and metallic to make the look your own. (via Quiet Lion)

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2. Negative Space Mani: We are loving the negative space and rich hues in this fashion-forward mani. It鈥檒l look great at the office or out on the town. (via @sfpartynails)

Jewel tone nails - jewel manicure

3. Jewel-Toned Manicure: This jewel-toned manicure is stunning and totally on point for fall. Play around with different tones or nail decals for a gorgeous and unique look that will pop against the muted tones of your favorite cold-weather sweater. (via Love Maegan)

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4. Pastel Watercolor聽Nails: Use a few nail polishes from your own collection to create this adorable watercolor effect. It鈥檚 perfect for anything from the first day back at school to a fun look to wear around the office. (via Cosmopolitan)

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5. Graffiti Nails: Make your nails your own personal work of art using this graffiti tutorial. It鈥檚 a surprisingly simple way to achieve a fashionable, minimalist design. (via Cosmopolitan)


6. Colored Nail Tips: Talk about an awesome spin on the classic French manicure. You can imitate these nails by simply swapping out white tips for a bright, vibrant color to really make your look pop. (via Kayture)

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7. Striped Nails: All you need for this cool look is some white nail polish and nail art stickers. And what could be easier than that? It鈥檚 an eye-catching look that can be worn beautifully by all ages. (via Beautylab)

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8. No-Mess Watercolor: Watercolor nails FTW. Be sure to try out different color combinations to create your own unique mix. (via Makeup Savvy)

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9. Indigo Blue and Gold Striped Nails: This fuss-free design can easily be achieved by using your favorite color and some metallic decals. How beautiful does this deep blue and gold combination look? (via Lulu鈥檚)

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10. Black Matte Nails with Glossy Tips: In the mood for a more monochromatic look? Go for a matte black nail with glossy black tips for a super chic look all the matte-lovers will envy. (via Chloe鈥檚 Nails)

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11. Art Deco Nails: The Great Gatsby brought art deco design back into style, and there鈥檚 no cooler way to rock it than on your nails. We think Daisy would definitely flaunt this contrasting black and metallic gold mani. (via So Nailicious)

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12. Scripted Nails: Are you a literature lover? Add a different spin to your usual manicure by pasting a nail wrap on one finger for a sharp contrast to the rest of your look. And if you need an idea for that nail wrap, we鈥檝e got plenty of suggestions for you! (via The Polish Squirrel)


13. Chevron Nails: The bold patterns and colors here make this the ultimate mani for your autumn #ootd. And while we are loving the gray, a navy, teal or orange would look just as rad. (via @sfpartynails)

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14. Purple and Bronze Nails: If you love metallic nails but don鈥檛 want to fully commit, you can always try out this metallic ombre design. We love how beautifully the bronze and purple look together! (via The Polish Squirrel)


15. Nautical聽Nails: This simplistic nautical look can be achieved by anyone and acts as the perfect transition for summer into fall. (via @mackenziehoran)

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15. Neutral Toned聽Nails: If you aren鈥檛 a big fan of jewel tones, this neutral-toned design is perfect for you. Break out your grays, tans and nudes and go to town creating the neutral palette of your dreams. (via Pinterest)

What鈥檚 your favorite nail look for fall? Let us know in the comments below!