Whether loopy and prim, boxy and precise or doctor-status illegible, our handwriting is as much a part of who we are as our fingerprints. (Fun fact: Your handwriting is actually an indicator of your personality!) When it comes to self-love, appreciating your own handwriting isn’t exactly difficult. While we could ogle the perfect penmanship of our fave calligrapher crushes any day of the year, one day in particular is extra special. For 24 hours, those in the know will be celebrating all things calligraphic, from favored writing utensils to graphic tees to childhood chicken-scratch and everything in between. Dot your i’s and cross your t’s, y’all, ’cause it’s National Handwriting Day!

Colorblock Pens

1. Color Block Pens ($5): Unless you’re getting cray with the finger paint, handwriting is inevitably an extension of you through the mightiest of utensils: the pen!

Explosion Notebook

2. Explosions in the Sky Notebook ($12): Annnnnddddd unless you’re still annoying roommates with crayon on the wall, your gorgeous scrawl needs a place to go. Where better than in a 75 percent recycled, acid-free notebook?


3. Calligraphy 201 Class ($29): We know you have killer penmanship already, but just in case you want a few pointers (always room to improve, amirite?), learn from a pro. If you’re still trying to master the basics, there’s a beginner’s class too!

Calligraphy 101 Kit

4. Calligraphy Kit ($60): When it comes to taking your handwriting skills to the next level, there’s only so far you can go with a sparkly gel pen and a composition notebook. Up your game with the right tools, all included in this handy set.

Stay Focused

5. Stay Focused Pouch ($12): If you’re anything like us, you always have a pen or two at the bottom of your purse. Keep ’em organized in this rad pencil pouch.

Chalkboard Pen Balloons

6. Chalkboard Balloons ($20): Really celebrate on this most sacred of holidays by writing all over party balloons with a chalk pen. Is it even possible to display your handwriting any better?


7. Custom Stationery Class ($19): Because National Handwriting Day falls on a weekend this year, take some time to craft your own stationery, complete with your pretty hand lettering.

Gold Leaf Kit

8. Gold Leaf Kit ($15): You know that your word is gold, so why not gild it — literally? Use a calligraphy brush to paint adhesive on your paper of choice and then apply some gold leaf.

Wall Art Kit

9. Calligraphy Wall Art Kit ($50): You don’t have to be an expert oil painter to create museum-worthy wall art. Turn your salon wall into a shrine for all things handwritten by making your own calligraphy wall art.

Copper Pencil Holder

10. Copper Pencil Holder ($9): Those fond of beautiful handwriting tend to revere the writing implement almost as much as the script itself. Put your favorite pens, pencils, markers + more in a stylish copper bin.


11. Hand-Lettering Online Class ($19): Every once in awhile, there comes a time when you just have to change the shape of your g’s. Live the thrill of getting to write the word “giggle” by practicing all kinds of new lettering forms with this class.

Sweet Talk

12. Sweet Talk Pen Set ($14): Okay, so these pens don’t feature your handwriting, but at least they’re repping the unsung art form.


13. Brush Calligraphy Online Class ($29): Turn your favorite quotes into stunning pieces of art! We think “The pen is mightier than the sword” would be a fitting place to start.

Graffiti Markers

14. Graffiti Fabric Marker Set ($15): Got handwriting that could make Times New Roman envious? Inscribe it on a tee or tote and wear it proud, girl!


15. Polka Dot Recipe Box + Cards ($34): Pencils up if you have a coveted collection of your great grandma’s secret pie crust recipe! Jot down your favorite recipes for your own progeny to adore. Get scribbling!

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