Handwriting is a lost art. Can you even remember the last time you wrote a letter? Unless you’re one of those uber-cool hand lettering artists, the only thing you probably find yourself hand-writing are grocery lists and to-do lists, and even those are sometimes done on our phone. But you can actually tell a lot about someone”s personality just by analyzing your handwriting. Everything from the size and shape of your letters to the spacing between each word can signify different things about you. So next time you get anything handwritten, check out their letters and see if this analysis from Pens is accurate.

This infographic also claims that your handwriting can be an indicator of your health. For example, writing with different pressure can be an indicator of high blood pressure, while very cramped lettering is a sign of Parkinson’s disease. Experts also claim that if you write with a very heavy pressure, you are more energetic while a light pressure might show tiredness and lack of energy.

How’s your signature looking? Research shows if you sign with a scrawl you’re likely a very private person, but a more legible signature shows confidence.

What do you think of handwriting analysis? Accurate or bogus? Talk to us in the comments below!