Netflix is once again proving itself to be an original content powerhouse. The streaming service’s latest film, called Mute, stars A-listers Paul Rudd, Alexander Skarsgard, and Justin Theroux, and the first trailer looks SO intense.

Mute is a sci-fi thriller set in Berlin in 2052. Skarsgard, who is fresh off a couple big awards season wins, stars as a bartender who is unable to speak, and is on the hunt for his girlfriend, who has mysteriously disappeared.

Rudd and Theroux star as US Army surgeons who are not the kind of company you want to get mixed up with — but also seem to be the only clues to finding Skarsgard’s girlfriend.

By the looks of these clips, viewers are in for a dystopian experience — the trailer gives off a total Blade Runner or Ghost in the Shell vibe.

The movie was co-written and directed by Duncan Jones, who also helmed Moon and the Jake Gyllenhaal-starring Source Code. (He also happens to be David Bowie’s son.)

Netflix proved it could compete in the big-budget feature-film game when it got Will Smith on board for Bright last year. While the reviews were mixed on that first foray, it certainly hasn’t slowed the streaming service down.

Mute comes to Netflix on Friday, February 23.

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(photos via Keith Bernstein/Netflix)