Netflix, we love you, but we have to admit that sometimes it’s a bit of an unstable relationship. Who hasn’t sat down with their popcorn freshly popped and sweatpants on only to search through the site’s list of options and discover that there actually isn’t anything that strikes your fancy? And no, Netflix, for the thousandth, time I’m not interested your Top Gear recommendation. Do you even know me at all?! If you’ve already binged watched Making a Murderer and find yourself struggling to find something new, we have a secret to share — but just a heads up, it might ruin all your weekend plans.

netflix hack

We’re guessing you’re already familiar with Netflix’s categories and subcategories sections, but it turns out there are a bunch more subcategories that you won’t find just by browsing. Here’s the hack: When you’re checking out a genre, the URL should look something like this: It turns out, Netflix has a bunch of codes that correspond to more niche genres. You can find them by replacing the end number with one of those codes (find a full list of codes here). In the mood for a religious documentary? Swap out “6839” for “10005.” Want to get in touch with your inner film history buff by watching some classic silent movies or binge every deep sea-themed horror movie and never go in the ocean again? There are codes for that.

If you want to really do a deep dive into the endless of abyss of genres created by Netflix, check out an extended list here. If you need an excuse for being late for your Sunday morning brunch date, you can totally blame us.

What’s your favorite subgenre you’ve found using this hack? Share with us on Twitter @britandco.

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