There’s a pattern with online streaming. You may have seen yourself fall into it. After bingeing your way through one epic show, it’s inevitable that you feel a little disappointed and empty once you reach the series finale. You may feel that nothing will ever fill the void — certainly not another show. Some may choose to re-watch the show in an attempt to get back the feeling of joy and anticipation. Or, according to Netflix, 30 million people switch on a movie in order to get over their post-show blues.

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And then Netflix really dug into the data. They found that 59 percent of people take a breather between shows, with a median break time of 2.5 days. During the binge break, 61 percent of viewers watched either a movie, documentary or stand-up special before beginning the next show. In total, 31 percent of people behave like this on Netflix.


So, naturally, the streaming service decided that the best way to help people move on and get them into the next show is to give ’em an exact list of what they can binge next. If you’re just finishing up the Gilmore Girls revival and aren’t quite ready to dive into something else, consider Sixteen Candles or The Princess Bride. If you’ve FINALLY just managed to catch up on Breaking Bad, Netflix suggests that you top it all off with a screening of Pulp Fiction or The Do-Over. It looks like Netflix is giving us what we all asked for for the holidays: a way to get over our favorite shows and onto the next best thing.

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(Infographic via Netflix; photo via Getty)