Welcome to December. Now that we’re officially back in the last month of the year, you officially have an excuse to stay in bed all weekend and not feel any remorse whatsoever. It’s cold out there. So below, we’ve got the 10 shows and movies you should check out this weekend while you’re inside staying warm.

1. Pacific Heat on Netflix: Perfect for fans of Archer, this new Netflix original follows undercover cops working on Australia’s Gold Coast. They’re not the best at their job, but they’re very very sure of themselves — which is half the battle, right? (Photo via Netflix)


2. Caddyshack on Amazon: One of Bill Murray’s most iconic performances, this classic 1980 comedy flick about a construction tycoon and a snooty country club also stars Chevy Chase and Rodney Dangerfield. (Photo via Orion Pictures)


3. The Lobster on Amazon: In our opinion, this was one of the best films to come out last year. It’s vaguely in the vein of Her, in that it’s an absurd look at life, and especially love. (Photo via Film4)


4. American Beauty on Hulu: This mainstay of the American ’90s film scene stars Kevin Spacey as a frustrated and depressed suburban father who develops an obsession with his daughter’s best friend. (Photo via DreamWorks)


5. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon on Hulu: This movie about a 19th-century Chinese warrior just gets better and better with age. It’s got action, mysticism and a beautiful storyline. (Photo via Columbia Pictures)


6. Desperately Seeking Susan on Hulu: Madonna’s film career is an American gem. In this flick she plays Susan, a cool NYC drifter who sells her jacket and becomes entangled in a case of mistaken identity. (Photo via Orion Pictures)


7. Driving Miss Daisy on Hulu: This classic film, starring Morgan Freeman and Jessica Tandy, won four Oscars when it came out. Set in the mid-20th century deep south, the movie explores race relations and, of course, personal relationships. (Photo via Allied Filmmakers)


8. Moonstruck on Hulu: Cher and Nicolas Cage star as Italian-Americans in New York City who become entangled in a complicated and messy — but always funny — love affair. (Photo via MGM)


9. Heartbreakers on HBO: Sigourney Weaver and Jennifer Love Hewitt play a mother-daughter duo who scam wealthy men by seducing them. It’s great inspiration for any mother-daughter duo that could probably work a bit better together. (Photo via MGM)


10. Keanu on HBO: Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele star as a duo who must work as drug dealers in a street gang to win back their stolen kitten, Keanu. If you wanted to see this one in theaters when it came out earlier this year, now’s your chance to watch it in your bed. (Photo via New Line Cinema)


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(Featured photo via Orion Pictures)