Swimsuit season is always welcomed with open arms and open toe sandals. But let’s be real: Getting beach bod fit requires hard work. Investing in new workout gear can turn that work into play and give us some more time on the beach showing off our hotness. From apps to stylish fitness trackers, here are 10 new fitness products everyone should have for a summer workout.

1. HyDrive Energy Water ($2): Vitamin-enhanced energy water is a new way to simultaneously hydrate and energize. At only 30 calories, HyDrive Energy Water is the perfect pre-workout beverage that gives an energy boost without the calories. With two new summer flavors, mango peach and honey lemonade, HyDrive Energy Water is one you’re going to want to throw in the gym bag to keep you energized during even the toughest workout.

2. Nike + FuelBand SE Gold ($149): The latest innovation in Nike’s former FuelBand line is a smart, simple and fun way to get active. This sleek cuff measures workout intensity, tracks sleep and displays progress in real time. Check out more (sooo many more) of the wearables we have our eyes on here!

3. Outdoor Oterro ($100): This bold new running shoes from Topo Athletics sheds mud and dirt while providing traction over a variety of surfaces. A light mesh offers breathability and flexibility while an anatomic shape allows for natural foot positioning.

4. Limited Edition Manduka PRO ($118): Invigorate yoga sessions this summer with a fresh and joyful yoga mat. The redesigned Manduka PRO boasts unparalleled comfort and cushioning, non-slip fabric finish and a simple, elegant design that comes in multiple colors.

5. Runtastic Adventure App (Free): This new unique app’s concept of “story running” uses dramatically narrated stories that have a protagonist running to or away from something that changes when the runner changes pace.

6. Halo V ($15): The Halo V is the latest addition to the Halo Headband line of sweatbands, featuring an adjustable VELCRO strap and breathable fabric that absorbs sweat and channels it away from eyes.

7. UA Contain Storm Duffle ($80): Hit the gym in style with this new duffle bag from Under Armor. The bag has two large vented end pockets, including one expendable pocket for sweaty laundry.

8. FlipBelt ($29): Instead of purchasing new workout pants with pockets, invest in a FlipBelt, a slip on, spandex waistband. The lightweight belt is designed with a small opening to hold heavy items, such as phones and keys. Flip the belt inwards to lock in items in place during any work out.

9. Recovery Compression Tights ($160): The 2XU Recovery Compression Tights promote necessary muscle repair and circulation after any strenuous exercise. The supportive fabric reduces muscle soreness to help athletes stay in training and out of the doctor’s office.

10. Waterproof iPod Shuffle ($155): While you wait for your pre-ordered Dash headphones to arrive, keep your swimming soundtrack playing with a waterproof iPod Shuffle and headphones. Completely insulated, sweat or swim to hundreds of energizing songs with this portable iPod Shuffle. Cue Queen Bey’s playlist!

What are your favorite fitness products for summer? Let us know in the comments below!