Keeping organized is key to a productive workday, but we know that with 100+ things on your plate, it’s easier said than done. So it’s a good thing Evernote, an app sent from organizational heaven, is now helping you keep your workspace tidy, both on and off screen. The company’s latest update wasn’t to their app; it was a collection of functional desktop accessories created by product designer Eric Pfeiffer.

The meticulously crafted pieces – all made from bent wood – evoke a mid-century vibe that has us feeling a little bit like we’re on the set of Mad Men. We picked Pfeiffer’s brain about modern technology and how to beautifully blend the digital + analog worlds, plus we got his expert advice for staying organized at work.

1. A Clean Physical + Digital Desktop Go Hand-in-Hand:From the many office visits we’ve done, it doesn’t appear that technology has changed people’s behavior or simplified our lives in a significant way. I often find that a messy computer desktop is directly correlated to a messy physical space and vice versa. Still looking for an app or device that gets my kids to clean their room!”

2. Your Desktop Decor Should Support Your 9-to-5 AND Your Passion:Plenty of pens and pencils and blank paper are good to keep close by for capturing doodles and creative thoughts you have throughout the day. Storage solutions are also key because keeping order helps people work more efficiently and happily. Beyond that, you can make your desktop area an inviting blend of work and play by adding a couple of nice wooden toys. The Pfeiffer Collection brings order to the desktop by creating dedicated places for the key elements that support your work. A place for your paper clips, your SD cards, your laptop and your glasses. We chose walnut and soft touch plastics to bring warmth to your (often white on white) workspace.”

3. Organization = Less Stress = More Productivity: “I believe that a comfortable workspace that keeps everything you need organized, but accessible is key to being productive. Ultimately, it comes down to a habit of editing what’s around you to keep things in order.” That means streamlining your *stuff* until its needs and must-haves.

4. Have the Right Storage for Your Job(s): We’re talking “containers for your paper clips or pens, appropriate shelving for your books and smart, accessible filing systems.”

Would you decorate your desk with any of these products? How do you keep you workspace organized? Share you secrets with us in the comments below.