There are so many ornament DIYs out there, but what about the the part that goes under the tree? The tree skirt is personally one of my favorite parts about decorating for the holidays because it’s where all of the presents go (wink). You know you’re guilty of peeking under the tree too :) Sadly, the tree skirt is often forgotten, so today we’re showing you how to make one that will show your love for none other than PIZZA! Your friends will totally want to come back to your tree for seconds (second looks, anyway) after seeing this delicious little decoration.


– 1 yard of fabric (each) in yellow, red and beige

– felt in red, white, black and green

– fabric glue

– string


– fabric scissors

– something with a sharp end, like an awl

– ruler

– pencil


1. Unravel some string to the size you want the radius of your tree skirt. I made a 50-inch tree skirt, so my string was 25 inches long. Attach one end of the string to a pencil and the other end to something sharp, like an awl.

2. Place the awl in the middle of your red fabric and pull the string taught while using the pencil to go around the fabric (to draw a circle), then cut it out.

3. Using the beige fabric, make a circle that is about two inches larger than the one you just cut. So for me, it was 52 inches. Make a squiggly edge so that it looks like crust and cut it out. Using your fabric glue, adhere the red piece to the top of the beige piece.

4. Now take your yellow fabric and make a circle about two inches smaller than the red circle, so 48 inches for me. Make this edge squiggly too, to resemble cheese. Cut out and glue on this circle on top of the red fabric.

5. Trace a circle about five inches in diameter in the middle of the tree skirt (the large circles you just created) and cut it out. This is where the tree trunk will come through the tree skirt.

6. Cut mushrooms, olives, peppers and pepperoni out of your colored felt.

7. Scatter around the toppings and glue them to the top of your pizza!

When drawing a circle with your awl and pencil, make sure the string is taught so you get a perfect circle!

I bought cotton fabric that doesn’t fray so I wouldn’t have to hem the edges, but you could also buy yards of felt!

Add all of your favorite pizza toppings. Fried eggs, anyone?

You’ll definitely want a “pizza” this tree skirt! It looks so yummy!

If you’re a fan of Hawaiian pizza, add some pineapple to the scene with a pineapple garland.

Have you put up your tree yet? What’s your favorite pizza topping? Let us know in the comments below!