Holiday time is one of the most magical times of the year. Sparkly lights, pretty wrapping paper, sequin dresses, good food and good company — what else could you ask for?! From a young age, I’ve been obsessed with any and every holiday. I used to plan out my outfits for the month so I could make sure I didn’t overlook a holiday sweater or headband. Nowadays I like to focus more on creating magical holiday memories with my friends. Since all of my friends are from all over, I decided to plan a special getaway trip for us to celebrate the holiday season together.


I used Airbnb to find a magical getaway in Big Sur, where we would spend two nights just doing our favorite things — cooking, baking,crafting, hiking and, of course, chatting.


When planning a vacation, you, of course, need to bring your suitcases, but when planning a holiday getaway you need to pack presents, food and maybe even a Christmas tree! Don’t worry, though — I’ve come up with an efficient master plan to create the most memorable and Instagrammable girls’ holiday getaway. Read on for five essentials you need to bring and do on your trip!

Step 1: The Tree


Real talk — I’m obsessed with Design Love Fest’s floral tree. This was my top priority for my girls’ holiday getaway. We packed fake flowers, tissue paper flowers, pinecones and Christmas lights to recreate this floral tree.


Our first activity was setting up the tree. (We brought a fake one to make it super easy.) Then we blasted Christmas music that we had pre-downloaded onto our phones and began adorning the tree with flowers, just like we would with ornaments. We played around with bands of flowers versus polka dots of flowers, and decided that a floral wrap of a garland was the way to go. Spots of flowers just made the tree look like a wild bush.

Step 2: The presents


The girls and I decided to do a secret Santa with a $30 limit. That way we didn’t have to haul tons of gifts! We filled the tree with little gifts for one another that pertained to all of our quirky inside jokes. Finding gifts sometimes isn’t that easy — I personally reference Brit +Co gift guides for present inspiration all the time. My secret is to click into the websites where you can buy the products — there is most likely another color or version of the gift that would suit your BFF perfectly.


We’re always all about those Instagrammable or Snapchattable memories, so take your gift giving to the next level with cute or thoughtful gift wrapping. Cortney gifted all of her presents out of cute cable knit stockings that we then could keep and hang in our SF apartments.

Step 3: Matching PJs


As the host of the event, I wanted to treat my BFFs to something special. I ordered everyone matching PJs and sweaters from Amazon as a little gift from me to them.


One idea that we didn’t have a chance to do was to DIY our matching sweaters into amazing holiday sweaters. Pack puff paint, felt, ribbon, sequins and hot glue guns to have a little DIY sesh with your besties.

Step 4: Cookie Decorating


It’s not a true celebration unless there are cookies and sprinkles. We brought pre-made cookie dough to cut down on the mess and cooking supplies we needed to bring to the cabin. What we didn’t cut down on was icing or decorating supplies :) #sprinklesarelife


Icing, sprinkles, hot cocoa — we were in heaven.

Step 5: Fancy Dinner Party


Even though we were at a cabin in the woods, that didn’t mean we couldn’t put on a fancy dress ;) The key to our dinner party was easy foods that required small prep work, and wine :)


We picked up a rotisserie chicken and some easy vegetables to roast in the oven. Don’t forget about dessert — we had a pre-made pie, and then, of course, our cookies!


I’m so thankful for all these awesome ladies. We had a blast on our two-day “glamping” getaway. Now for some more tips and a look into our mini vacation.


When you put five creatives in the woods with iPhones and a bomb Christmas tree, you’re going to take endless photos. Set up a shared photo album for everyone to add pictures — this way, no one misses out.


Our beloved Cortney is moving to NYC and will join the B+C gang on the other coast. Big Sur was a check-off item on her list, and it was even more special that we filled the trip with more of her favorite things — Christmas and flowers!


Happy Holidays, everyone! Be sure to follow us on Pinterest for more creative ways to celebrate this season.

DIY Production and Styling: Kelly Bryden
Photography: Brittany Griffin

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