The struggle for a great iced coffee is very real. Often, when you want to enjoy that tasty cold beverage, the ice waters your coffee down too fast. Sure, you can get around it with coffee ice cubes, but that includes a lot of pre-planning, and sometimes you just want that delicious cold coffee when it’s 100 degrees outside. And what if you aren’t home, where your coffee cubes are resting comfortably in the freezer? Well, Starbucks has made an announcement today that will surely help out those of us who love a cold coffee without all the flavors (sorry, Frappuccino!).

cold brew

Having released a new cold brew coffee in store earlier this year, Starbucks announced today that they’re bottling this little bit of coffee magic for sale in supermarkets and convenience stores across the country, with the bottles rolling out immediately. Similar to the in-store cold brew, this ready-to-go drink is a coffee with “smooth taste and chocolate notes.” While the coffee comes unflavored, we’re sure you can add a bit of milk or cream to it on the go.

With the summer just getting started, we’re picturing grabbing a bottle of this delicious bevvy on a road trip, for camping or any other time this summer when we need that AM coffee jolt but it’s just too hot to imagine drinking our regular Pike Place.

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