Let’s face it. If you were ever a kid (you were) and you ever hung out by a pool (we hope you have), then you know how awesome pool noodles can be. They were best for playing whack-a-kid during swim class, but they were also great for turning into chairs, which you could use to float and watch the world go by.

While most of our generation has moved onto using pool noodles only to keep their boots from slouching, one company has gone a different route, turning noodle foam into some awesome, versatile and super fun furniture. Meet Nugget.

Nugget, which has already met double its fundraising goal on Kickstarter, is an easy-to-assemble couch that you can shift around depending on your mood, the day or how many guests you have over. You can add cushions and parts as many times as you need, giving you virtually endless potential for brightly colored seating in your home.

We think Nugget would be perfect for any kid or family room, though it could also be a great statement piece to bring out for your holiday party. And besides, who doesn’t want to relive their memories of chilling out in a noodle? To get your own little nugget, head over to their Kickstarter page and lay down $249.

What do you think of this versatile and easy-to-assemble couch? Tell us in the comments below if you’re thinking of snagging one!