Your couch may be the perfect place to curl up with a good book (or your latest Netflix obsession). But, despite those cozy cushions or beautifully tufted seats, no couch is complete without a good throw pillow — or five. These colorful options are all the way at the top of our list.

1. Check Coral and White Pillow ($125): Bright and colorful, with just the right amount of handmade detailing — this coral and white pillow is pretty much perfect.

2. Yellow Geometry ($28): This delightfully bright pillow cover is the perfect way to dress up your sofa. It’s also easy to remove for washing and made out of super-soft corduroy.

3. Destination Pillow Cover ($21): Cover your couch with hometown pride — or memorabilia from your favorite cities.

4. Hand Painted Stripe Pillow ($125): This linen cushion is hand-screen printed and features bold stripes of coral and blue along with its bright orange piping.

5. Popcorn Pillow Cover ($39): With the perfect combination of natural materials and unique detailing, this pillow cover is packed with handmade care and a prerequisite pop of color.

6. Get It Girl Pillow ($38): Is a description even necessary here? We love that this pillow doesn’t shy away from making a statement with its hot pink text.

7. Diagonal Dip Throw Pillow ($116): These pillows are simple, colorful and inspiring. We’re not sure if they’re the perfect purchase or the perfect DIY, but we kind of love them.

8. New York Apple Throw Pillow ($98): This is not your grandmother’s needlepoint pillow. Although it’s every bit as classy.

9. Mountains of Montana Screen Print Pillow ($40): This travel-inspired pillow is an incredible accent for your home. We can almost picture the mountains that gave it its name.

10. He & I Throw Pillow ($90): Custom printed, this pillow is a slightly cozier iteration of the maker’s favorite paintings. It is, in a word, wonderful.

11. Silk Hand-Loomed Pillow ($44): This pillow is handcrafted by a sustainable cooperative in rural India and comes in several extra-saturated shades. Yes and yes.

12. Owl Pillow Cover ($10): We might have a teeny tiny crush on this owl. And his spectacles. And the pink background behind him. Yep.

13. Abstract Splash Pink Pillow ($125): You know we love our abstract art. Especially when it makes an OITNB marathon that much more comfortable.

14. Round Pintuck Pillow ($34): The vintage-inspired design of this pillow is almost as perfect as each of the 11 colors it’s available in.

15. Color My World Pillow ($44): Fresh, statement-making and unique, a watercolor pillow is certain to infuse a punch of originality into any room in your home.

16. Magical Thinking Hand-Quilted Pillow ($24): This hand-crafted pillow has a one-of-a-kind, gathered design that only adds to its cuddly, overstuffed appeal.

17. In Bloom Pillow ($78): Like a two-for-one deal? This pillow is reversible. One side is the vibrant stripes above, and the other is a collection of hand-painted flowers.

What do you think? Which pillow (or three) would you add to your space?