With only a few days left of football season, everyone鈥檚 gearing up for the main聽event: the Super Bowl. And while we鈥檒l be the first to get fired up about arguably the biggest sports day of the year, if eating healthy is one of your New Year鈥檚 resolutions, the Super Bowl can be a serious obstacle. Seriously, you may have to maneuver around the cheese dip and soda to get to the crudite. But if you can stay healthy during a bachelorette party, you can definitely make smart decisions at your friend鈥檚 TV-watching house party. Jess Dyer, the in-house nutritionist at graze, which packages good-for-you snacks into a subscription box, shares her top six tips to keep your goals on track while you cheer on the home team.

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1. Trade chips for popcorn.聽Let鈥檚 be real: You aren鈥檛 getting rid of snack food at a Super Bowl party. But Jess says that鈥檚 okay; just try to choose a healthy snack option. 鈥淚f you鈥檙e looking for a snack that鈥檚 low in calories but filling, I highly recommend popcorn. Popcorn is a favorite snack for nutritionists because it鈥檚 high in fiber, which helps you feel full longer, and at only a few calories per cup, you can snack guilt-free,鈥 she says.

2. Swap sour cream for Greek yogurt.聽Healthy choices don鈥檛 have to be hard choices. 鈥淚f you鈥檙e building a classic seven-layer dip, put a more nutritious聽twist on it by swapping in Greek yogurt for sour cream. You might even find it鈥檚 tastier than the traditional recipe,鈥 Jess says. Greek yogurt, what a superstar.

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3. Keep the bubbles, but ditch the (fake) sugar.聽You already know super sugary soda and juices aren鈥檛 good for you, but don鈥檛 reach for diet soda as your healthy alternative!聽鈥淔ake sugars are toxic and addictive. The chemicals suppress your satiety (so you don鈥檛 know when you鈥檙e full or satisfied) and spike your insulin, leading to mood disorders, hormonal imbalance and weight gain. Ditch the sugary or diet sodas and instead opt for sparkling water with a squeeze of fresh lemon or lime,鈥 Jess says.

4. Plan when you鈥檒l eat聽before and after the party.聽We all know that the key to staying on track is creating a foolproof plan. Jess agrees, saying, 鈥淧lanning before game day prevents you from having to make a decision in the heat of the moment and reduces your reliance on willpower. Try to find out what kind of food will be served in advance so that you can anticipate potential obstacles and work around them.鈥

Whether that鈥檚 bringing fresh veggies to the party as an alternative or adjusting your meal times, you鈥檒l be set up to make better decisions. 鈥淚f you learn there鈥檚 only finger food, then having a small dinner beforehand or making concrete and exciting dinner plans for afterward will ensure you get a good meal in the evening and you don鈥檛 gorge at the party,鈥 Jess says. Smart strategy.

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5. Start your day with a nutrient-rich breakfast.聽This is good advice for any day, not just Super Bowl Sunday. 鈥淲ith any celebration, I like to make sure to have a nutrient-dense breakfast to start the day. It鈥檚 also important to stay hydrated with water and herbal teas, which helps me snack with total enjoyment 鈥 minus the energy crash,鈥 says Jess.

6. Focus on choosing nutrients over low-cal options. Keep in mind that low-cal foods aren鈥檛 always better.鈥淩ather than focusing on the calories in a dish, look for options that are nutrient dense,鈥 Jess says. 鈥淎 good rule of thumb is to stick to foods that are the聽least processed as possible. If the ingredients on the label are easy to recognize and pronounce, then it鈥檚 a winning choice. Avoid snacks with empty calories and stock up on snacks that are a source of nutritional benefits like protein or fiber,鈥 she recommends. Plus, you gotta keep that energy up for all the cheering and silly touchdown dances you鈥檙e going to be doing, obvi.

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