It’s Super Bowl Sunday. Snack-filled Super Bowl parties, the most amazing and inspiring ads of the entire year, a top-notch halftime show… and oh yeah, football. What more could a gal want?

Girl. You’ve only seen the beginning.

This year’s Super Bowl has ALREADY taught us **lessons** about life, insane beauty looks, surprise friendships and, well, #moms. Without further ado, here are seven of our fave lessons learned during Super Bowl 50 (so far)…

Chanel Iman super bowl

1. Chanel Iman had an ok-but-not-super Super Bowl seat. The supermodel taught us that owning the catwalk doesn’t guarantee front-row seats… but sometimes a baller jet view is the next best thing. (via @chaneliman)

2. Jamie Lynn Spears’ mom isn’t afraid to belt it out. We already knew that Jamie Lynn and big sis Britney had some killer pipes, and now we know that they got it from their momma. Mom Lynne Spears’ giggly rendition of the national anthem is truly a sight (and sound) to behold… and shows us that even famous moms aren’t necessarily afraid to get super goofy. (via @jamielynnspears)

Chrissy Teigen Super Bowl

3. Chrissy Teigen and her mom share amazing DNA. The adorably pregnant model + superfoodie and her mom were #twinning hard in denim button-downs while they prepped some undoubtedly delish Super Bowl snacks, and we learned that good genes (and good jeans) DEFINITELY run in this multiculti fam. P.S. can we have some of whatever you’re making? (via @chrissyteigen)

Lucy Hale Super Bowl

4. Lucy Hale is a die-hard Broncos fan. We would not necessarily have pegged the Memphis-born Hale for a Broncos fan, but maybe that’s not SO surprising: Quarterback Peyton Manning got his start leading the University of Tennessee Volunteers to championship glory back in 1997. It all comes together… (via @lucyhale)

Apple Martin + Blue Ivy Carter

5. Apple Martin + Blue Ivy Carter are adorable pals. The 11-year-old daughter of Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow (who had some very wise pre-Super Bowl advice for her dad last week) and four-year-old tot of Beyoncé and Jay Z showed a surprising age-gap friendship as they walked hand-in-hand on their way to see the big game… while rocking some seriously on-point jacket game, btw. Martin’s dad Chris and Blue Ivy’s mom Beyoncé will be playing together during the halftime show. D’awwww! (via @gwynethpaltrow)

Julianne Hough Super Bowl

6. Julianne Hough hit up the Super Bowl with a giant crew. Hot on the heels of the success of Grease: Live, the triple-threat talent goofs off with pals in a Super Bowl spirit. Why are kinda surprised to learn that this singer-dancer-actress is also a football fan? We were sorely mistaken. (via @juleshough)

Lady Gaga

7. Lady Gaga’s makeup look was Wizard of Oz-inspired. We’re sure you saw Lady Gaga slay as she owned the pre-game National Anthem, but did you notice her amazingly glittery eye makeup? “Star-Spangled Red Slipper eyes!” is how she described unique look on Insta, just moments before she took the stage. And oh, yes, we HAVE to copy that. (Psst: check out the amazing photobomb happening behind her.) (via @ladygaga)

Did you learn any lessons during the Super Bowl? Share them with us @britandco!