You know, it’s said that time travel is impossible, but TBH, we’re not really so sure anymore. Everyone is spending all their free time playing Pokémon. Chokers and overalls are trending. And now there is a Pog store opening up in NYC. Is anyone actually sure we haven’t slipped back to 1995?

pog store

The nostalgic new shop, Brooklyn Pogs, is set to open up in Williamsburg at the end of this month. According to Time Out, you’ll be able to buy, sell, trade and, of course, play Pogs. But real talk: Does anyone actually remember how to play the game? Unique and rare sets will also be on display in the shop.

Additionally, the space will have a cereal bar available should you work up an appetite with all those epic slammer throwdowns. And if you need a drink after a big loss, Brooklyn Pogs has you covered there as well. So to sum things up, Brooklyn Pogs will be a place you can play your favorite childhood pastime, chow down on cereal and have a beer. Any chance we can move in forever?

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(Photo via Brooklyn Pog/Facebook)