We couldn’t be more pleased that Joy Cho, the founder of the beautiful site Oh Joy is going to be speaking at ReMake! She is a constant inspiration for us with her colorful photos, bright DIY projects and of course, those adorable babies. In her blog she repeatedly claims that she cannot “do” DIY but we have five incredible projects to prove otherwise. We love the colors she uses, the simplicity of her projects and her abundant use of gold decor!

If you’re in SF, you can request an invite to the conference day of Re:Make right here!

1. Campaign Dresser: We have definitely referenced this adorable DIY dresser on multiple roundups. Everything about it, from the pastel colors and the gold accents to the fact it was a Craigslist find make it just perfect. If little Ruby ever grows out of it, we’d be happy to take it off her hands.

2. Floral Herb Centerpiece: Joy decided to break the curse of her black thumb and try to do more garden projects including this brilliant floral arrangement! How perfect are those colors! Those stripes were made with tape so it’s a fast and tidy DIY.

3. Golden Door Decor: Not only is this fabulously glamorous, it’s totally temporary making it the perfect way to dress up your apartment or dorm room. The stripes are made with gold contact paper, but you could make a design with any combination of colored paper scraps.

4. Confetti Table Runner: All you need to make this gorgeous table runner is a roll of butcher paper and golden dots. Glue them in a pattern that looks like the glitter has collected at each end of the table for a cool effect and to save you some work!

5. Summer Striped Ice Cubes: Use up that summer fruit and make these juicy cubes! Joy suggests adding them to some sparkling water for a little color or keep them in the freezer and blend them up in a smoothie. She used coconut milk for the creamy white base, so these cubes are all treat and not a smidge of guilt!

What is your favorite DIY from Oh Joy? Share it with us in the comments below!