Olivia Wilde son dentist

1. Seriously, this kid is too adorable. Some rites of passages can be traumatic for kids or, probably more likely, their parents — needles, first haircuts and getting in that big ol’ dentist chair for the first time being right up there. But was Olivia Wilde and husband Jason Sudeikis’ son Otis scared? Nope. “Better behaved than I’ve ever been at the dentist,” Olivia captioned the pic of that sweet toothy grin that looks exactly like his mom and dad. (Oh, and never mind the teeny Jordans on his feet!) “Guess they gave him the good drugs.” We’re guessing he didn’t have any cavities. (via @oliviawilde)

Custo Barcelona - Front Row - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2014

2. Janice Dickinson has been diagnosed with — and already vows to beat — breast cancer. Would you expect a lesser attitude from the fiercest of fierce? The 61-year-old former supermodel told the Daily Mail that the cancer was discovered through a routine exam and was caught early. While it’s been an emotional time for Janice, she says, “Don’t feel sorry for me, this is not a pity party. I’m Janice Dickinson and I’m gonna stick around for a long, long time. You ain’t getting rid of me yet.” (via The Daily Mail, photo via Stephen Lovekin/Getty)


3. Kesha has literally no time for your snark about her body. The singer posted a jealousy-inducing photo of her lounging in a pool, with the caption, “Not a slave to perfection right now. Body shamers please f*** off, ain’t nobody got time for it.” Not that it matters, but, is it just us, or does that pretty much look like perfection?! (via @iiswhoiis)

Poster Boys

4. These ’90s teen heartthrob photos were recreated with women, and the results are amazing. Remember Tiger Beat? Montreal artist Eve Thomas and photographer Richmond Lam must, because they’ve undertaken a project that transforms women into lookalikes of the ’90s teen dreams that we used to tear out of the magazine and plaster our walls with. Poster Boys, according to the artists, is meant to “play with gender, empathy, nostalgia and the female gaze.” We’re here for this. (h/t Buzzfeed Canada, photo via posterboysproject.com)


5. Instagram isn’t done messing with its app just yet. You may have heard that Instagram is upping its desktop game and changing the algorithm of its feed to more closely resemble Facebook, and it’s very likely you have strong feelings about that (especially the latter). But one potential upcoming change could do WONDERS for our creeping game. Mashable reports that soon you may be able to search other peoples’ followers and who they’re following, eliminating that endless scrolling. The update so far seems to be rolled out to only select users. We can already feel the relief from the carpel tunnel. (Photo via Mashable)

6. Quote of the day: “It seems like such an obvious idea, but no other magazine like it exists, and I think it needs to. For all of our girls’ sakes.” — Former Condé Nast editor and author Erin Bried on why she’s launching Kazoo, a new magazine for young girls. Check out the Kickstarter for more info or donate here.

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