Let us start by saying: All ombré errythaaang, pretty please! From our hair to our cake to our clothes, this is a trend we hope — nay, we will make sure never goes out of style. In fact, we think we found a way to just carry it with us wherever we go.

These clutches by Boutique Textiles ($55) embody what we love about ombré so dang much. Those beautiful, saturated hues, that subtle gradient… swoon.

We love the versatility of this bag — your workaholic BFF would adore it just as much as your socialite of a sister. (Ahem, see how nicely a flask fits inside it in the top image? ;)

Boutique Textiles uses a “table-dyeing” process for these, where they blend pigment straight into the cotton canvas. This means that every clutch is slightly unique in color and gradation. It’s so cool when you can see the artisan’s human touch.

Isn’t it awesome that you can choose how spacious or compact you want the bag to be? Hello, perfect day-to-night accessory. Hello, new wardrobe staple. Now, keep calm and EMBRACE OMBRÉ EVERYTHING!

Is this ombré to DYE for or what? Sound off in the comments below!