When it comes to food, there are certain things we dream about that we don’t ever actually expect to come to fruition: Say, oh, an actual leaning tower of cheese, or a Willy Wonka style flavor-changing chewing gum, for instance. Also in that category is the ever elusive ranch fountain — a flowing, never-ending delight of creamy Ranch goodness.

In honor of National Ranch Day on March 10, Hidden Valley has teamed up with Flavour Gallery to make the dream a reality with its Hidden Valley Ranch Outlet.

Now, for the low, low price of $100, you can own your very own, real-life ranch fountain. We repeat: YOU CAN OWN A RANCH FOUNTAIN! This two-pound, Augere-style, four-tier contraption will flow with the white nectar of the Gods at your every whim, upping your veggie dip spread to new heights. We mean, who needs chocolate fondue when you can have ranch-covered carrots and greens?

ranch fountain

Not a veggie lover? No problem. You can whip this little bad boy out for ALL your entertaining needs, from Super Bowl parties (those wings aren’t gonna’ dip themselves!) to your 30th pizza-filled birthday bash,

And that’s not all. Other amazing scores are being offered by the Ranch Gods, as well. Check out our faves below, and shop the entire collection here.

ranch bottle

1. Jewel Encrusted Ranch Bottle ($50): “Handmade with love, “ this is THE fanciest ranch bottle you’ll ever set eyes on, with silver and green bedazzled embellishments that really set off the bottle’s natural hue.

ranch bag

2. Peace, Love, Ranch Canvas Tote ($25): What better way to arm yourself for a trip to the grocery store than by repping an aisle staple?

ranch wheel

3. Ranch Flavor Wheel ($3): Get exotic with flavored ranches such as Honey BBQ, Avocado, Buffalo, and Cucumber. Mmmm!

ranch coozie

4. Hidden Valley Bottle Coozie ($20): Perfect for the backyard BBQ, this little guy will ensure that neither your beer NOR your ranch get warm. Genius.

ranch tee

5. Peace, Love, Ranch Tee ($30): Wear your new slogan via tee form too (hey, if they’re half as cute as they look on the girl in their Instagram photo, we’re sold).

Would you shell out 100 big ones for a ranch fountain? Tell us over @BritandCo.

(h/t Cosmopolitan, photos via Flavor Gallery + @flavourgallery)