If you’re a big Oprah fan, you probably already own her celeb cookbook… but soon, you’ll be able to purchase prepared foods created by the inspirational TV personality herself. That’s right — Oprah is getting into the prepared foods business, launching a line of health-conscious soups and sides that you’ll be able to find in your local supermarket beginning this September. Add her line of noms to your list of the best healthy snacks at the grocery store.

Oprah’s brand, which will be appropriately named O, That’s Good!, will feature a bunch of healthy yet lightened-up comfort foods, such as pastas, soups, and mashed potatoes. But we promise they’re delicious. Among the offerings are Three Cheese Pasta (made with added butternut squash), Creamy Tomato Basil Soup (made with added carrots and celery), and Garlic Mashed Potatoes sides (with added cauliflower).

Winfrey said in a statement that she loves “healthy foods and eating from (her) garden.” She also stated that her mission is to make “nutritious comfort foods more accessible to everyone” — that *definitely* sounds like Oprah.

The line will be released in partnership with Kraft Foods, and they will be super affordable to boot. The soups will be priced at $4.99, while the sides will sell for $4.49.

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(Photo via NPR)