True or False: Oprah Winfrey works for Starbucks. Kinda true, though don’t we all really work for Oprah? The talk show host-turned-future president unveiled her latest venture this week and, let’s just say, the finished product is bound to be one of your favorite things.

Oprah is lending her golden touch to the tea biz, teaming up with Teavana to create her own signature blend that you can sip and shop in Starbucks and Teavana stores soon.

The OWN mogul didn’t just snap her fingers and say, “Yeah, I want to make tea today.” Ms. Winfrey actually went to Teavana to mix up the perfect blend. There’s proof. It’s kind of cool to see Oprah working with the teaologist to blend spices and taste-test different flavors on the hunt for a blend that’s full-bodied and robust enough to wake her (and us) up every AM. A little more ginger, some more black pepper and mmm.

The final product is Teavana Oprah Chai Tea, a spicy chai that boasts a bold infusion of cinnamon, ginger, cardamom and cloves blended with loose-leaf black tea and rooibos. “I like things Chai-ed UP,” explains Oprah. Us too, Oprah. Us too. In fact, you should probably sample our chai-fecta of chai desserts. They’re delicious, and you love chai, and we love chai and you. Just sayin’.

Oprah was involved in the design and packaging as well since she wanted the customer to be as delighted as she will be every time they pull the tin out. We’re SURE they will. Oprah Chai will hit stores before Mother’s Day so keep an eye out if your mama is a tea drinker. We’ll just assume that she’s an Oprah fan.

What do you think of Oprah’s latest project? Are you a chai fan? Are you a tea drinker?