Thanksgiving is really a great time of year. It’s a way to get away from work and your regular life for a few days, spend time with family and friends and eat WAY more than you should (not that we mind that part). But as we all know all too well, it also probably means talking politics with Uncle Bill and rolling out the sleeping bag to crash on the couch since your parents turned your room into a gym/office hybrid. It turns out even celebs aren’t immune to squeezing in wherever there’s room when you go home for Thanksgiving, including Oprah herself.

“You know you’re home when there’s a ‘pallet’ on the floor,” she captioned an Instagram collage of a few days spent at home at her mom’s in Milwaukee for the holidays, showing herself cuddled up with a couple of adorable munchkins in some cozy blankets.

Another glimpse into Oprah’s holidays prove that the kitchen is truly the heart of the home and where everyone tends to gather. “#YouKnowYoureHome when there are 10 cooks in the kitchen and not all of them are workin’,” she writes (LOL too true), “When these two ingredients are at every meal,” she writes about hot sauce and seasoning salt, and “…when the thermostat is set at Hell heat!”

Billionaires, they’re just like us!

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(Featured photo via @oprah)