Did you have glow in the dark constellations on your ceiling as a kid? Or did you covet the ones your next door neighbor had? The new wallpaper collection by Flat Vernacular will bring back your love of things that glow in the dark, but with a modern, beautiful aesthetic.

Each glow in the dark paper is printed using glow in the dark ink. Once the inks are charged by typical room lighting or sunlight, certain sections of each print will glow for a few minutes before fading. So you needn't worry about sleeping in a crazy glowing room – these just make the act of turning of the lights a wee bit sweeter.

If long term glow is something you're down with and you have access to ultraviolet light, you can potentially make these papers glow forever. Yes, forever.

We love how the Morning Bloom pattern changes from a soft, coral environment to one that looks like a grotto under the sea.

In addition to a playful collection of luminescent pieces, Flat Vernacular has a whole slew of other gorgeous prints. The bold floral pieces above are printed on silver mylar, and would add a richly-hued pop to any room. Perfect for a small space or accent wall.

Or go for a slightly more subtle look with golden Ranunculas printed on gold mylar.

This paper, titled Too Much Stuff is the perfect complement to a recently reorganized craft closet. It would be fun to get a framed piece of this if the "Too Much Stuff" pattern is… too much. ;)

And because we're a tech company, we have a natural affinity for cats. This paper, called Out of the Jungle, is printed on matte paper with a touch of gloss in the dandelion leaves. So lovely.

Ok, so you love the glow, but who makes these magical wallpapers? The brainchild of Payton Turner and Brian Kaspr, Flat Vernacular is a Brooklyn-based design company that specializes in hand-drawn, hand-printed and custom wallpaper. They balance on the line between art and design, and are open to playful and even borderline ridiculous (cats made out of glitter? yes please) ideas.

Need more than pretty digital pictures? Or maybe you don't quite need a whole wall of glow in the dark flowers? Samples are available for just $5 a pop, and are 8 inches by 10 inches.

We're pumped that wallpaper is experiencing a serious comeback as of late, and we love stumbling across companies like Flat Vernacular and Shi Yuan's the highly coveted heat-reactive color-changing wallpaper we posted about a few months ago.

What types of patterns would you love to see on wallpaper? Got any ideas for fun ways of bringing glow in the dark accent pieces into your home? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, or say hi on Twitter.