If you’re lucky enough to live somewhere that has ample outdoor space for furniture, you probably know the simple joy that can come from lounging around with friends at sunset, enjoying the morning’s first coffee on the patio, or hosting family parties outside on the weekends. You’re *also* familiar with all the times when you would’ve liked to do those activities but were thwarted by soggy couch cushions, or the 20 to 30 minute task of reassembling your outdoor setup after it rained the night before. A new eco-friendly furniture brand, Outer, aims to alleviate those stumbling blocks so you can spend more time enjoying the great outdoors and less time stressing.

“When we were thinking of building an outdoor living company, we asked our friends and family if they were spending enough time in their backyards. [The answer] was a resounding no. Why? Their patio furniture was a mess — from wet and dirty cushions, to rock-hard surfaces, to ugly broken wicker and storage nightmares, it was clear that there was a need for more thoughtful design,” says Outer CEO and Founder Jiake Liu. “We envisioned an outdoor sofa that was as comfortable as our beds, as stylish as our indoor furniture, and as durable as our camping gear.” The resulting line takes its cues from hard-wearing performance outerwear to deliver couch cushions that resist the elements better while feeling comfier than your common outdoor pieces.

But Outer is more than just a pretty face — an eco-friendly ethos is integral to the brand. “As I look at my daughter, I think about the problems that our generation is leaving for the next,” Terry Lin, co-Founder and chief design officer, told us. “When I make decisions, I try to consider what effect it will have on her life. That’s why we made the Outer sofa eco-friendly: Each section is made with 99-plus recycled plastic water bottles and the entire sofa is 100 percent recyclable.” It’s nice to think that these pieces can help people enjoy the outdoors while also removing some of the harmful plastic litter that threatens the environment at the same time. “Put simply, life is better outside, and we’re on a mission to help people discover that the best adventures can start in their own backyards,” says Lin.

Outer’s modular collection ranges from $1,600 for two chairs to $4,100 for a three-seater couch and two chairs, and is available to try out at select locations in Los Angeles.

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(Photos via Outer)