Those studio apartments are an important milestone in life. But one thing they’re not? Roomy. We’re all about showing you how to get organized and take full advantage of your space. But if you’re still struggling to close the closet, try some of these 10 over-the-door storage solutions.

1. Magical Thinking Geo Over-The-Door Pocket Organizer ($39): Just because it’s storage doesn’t mean it has to be boring. We love this bright, geometric space-saving fix.

2. Door Valet ($22): If your closet is packed to the brim, we’ve got great news! Now you can have another mini closet right behind the door!

3. Hair Accessory Storage ($14): No space under the sink? No problem.

4. Over Door Shoe Rack ($42): Think about how much extra space you’ll have if you can move all your shoes here? Side note: If only everyone’s shoe collection was this rainbow-tastic.

5. Vertical Hanger ($18): Change things up by opting for a storage solution with hangers going down the door rather than across it.

6. Colored Hooks ($14): For a surprise pop of color every time you shut the door try out these simple and fun hooks for hanging anything you want.

7. Jewelry Armoir ($150): For all the ladies who have more arm candy than they know what to do with. Close this up and you also have a full-length mirror!

8. Birdseye Rack ($25): Leave the house feeling chipper with these friendly little chicks who are oh-so-cute but even more handy.

9. Magazine Holder ($22): If all those glossy pages are claiming most the floor space, stick them here. While you’re down there, why not hang up some of those clothes that haven’t quite made it to the closet?

10. Mirror Rack ($119): If you share a bathroom, you’re probably well aware it’s not always available when you need it. Hang this convenient mirror and shelving unit over the door for an instant vanity.

Are you a storage space genius? What’s your secret? Dish in the comments below.