Oversized everything is definitely in right now. From聽our big statement art to our loose fashion, bigger really can be better when it comes to style. Case in point: giant oversized mirrors. Not only do they look super cool, but they also help to brighten and open up a space. Brilliant!聽Here are 17 supersized stunners we can鈥檛 wait to hang on our walls.


1.聽Geometric: Geometric mirrors are a fun way to play around with shapes. This giant triangle mirror adds a nice bold statement to a soft, neutral room. (via Amber Interiors)


2.聽Gold + Geometric: We wouldn鈥檛 mind having this mirror in all kinds of sizes to put all over our home. We鈥檙e loving the regal contrast of this golden one against the dark wall. (via One Kings Lane)


3.聽Above the Sink: Giant convex mirrors are a trend we can definitely get behind. This bathroom one balances perfectly with the dark cabinetry and metallic accents.聽(via Decor Pad)


4.聽Studio Statement: The natural wood and beachy blues here lend a funky summer house vibe. We鈥檙e into the rich texture and laid-back look. (via Lonny)


5.聽Holy Hexagon: Giant oxygons聽FTW. This would look great as a floor mirror or mounted above a dinning room table or big fireplace. We love how the dots along the frame add a soft vibe to this rad geometric piece. (via @onekingslane)


6.聽Dining Room Vignette: Mint walls, furry chairs AND an oversized vintage gold mirror? That鈥檚 it. We鈥檝e died and gone to dining room heaven. (via Apartment Therapy)


7.聽Bathroom Statement Mirror: Tiffani Amber Thiessen knows what鈥檚 up when it comes to oversized decor. This giant bathroom mirror blends oh-so well with the lime ladder and paint-dipped stools. PS, how cool is this tub? We wouldn鈥檛 mind taking a LONG bath here. (via Lonny)


8.聽Dining Room: Sometimes you need a little gold and a little vintage to tie together an otherwise modern space. Everything about this dining room 鈥 from the mixed styles and neutral palette 鈥 just works. (via Automatism)


9.聽Simple Frame: With a bold wall like this one, all you need is a simple square mirror to open up the space. If you still can鈥檛 give up that gallery wall, here鈥檚 proof that giant and little pieces play well together. (via Lonny)


10.聽Pop of Neon: A little neon never hurt anyone, or any space for that matter. This modern piece brings a subtly bold statement and contrasts just right with the bright orange baseboard trim. (via Just Good Design)


11.聽Giant Round: Another convex mirror, but this time in the living room. This would work great in any boho-inspired space. (via Urban Outfitters)


12.聽Vintage White Floor Mirror: When it comes to oversized mirrors, the bigger the frame, the better. Case in point? This beautiful white one that totally stands out in an overly neutral space. (via Life as a Moodboard)


13.聽Colorful and Bright: The closet seems like an obvious place to have a mirror, but why not go big, bright and bold while you鈥檙e at it? We would love planning out #ootds in this gorgeous walk-in. (via The Style Files)


14.聽Slim + Chic: Hallways are a great place to incorporate an oversized mirror. Feel free to mix things up with different styles and textures of furniture to keep things interesting. (via Style at Home)

oversized-mirror-trend-giant-vintage-gold-stairs copy

15.聽Mirror Wall: Oversized is kind of an understatement here. A ginormous mirror like this one that covers almost two stories is sure to make a statement throughout your entire loft. (via Architectural Digest Russia)


16.聽Nursery Views: When it comes to introducing good home design to your babe, we say start 鈥檈m young.聽An oversized mirror above the changing station will give you plenty of time to check for mysterious stains before putting the little one to bed. (via Project Nursery)


17.聽Vintage Flair: We鈥檙e not sure which one we like better: the mirror or that beautiful blue bike. Regardless, both look stunning together and brighten up an otherwise boring hallway. (via Marie Claire Maison)

Are you loving the oversized mirror trend? Which one鈥檚 your fave? Let us know in the comments below!