Of all the color combos Pantone predicted would take over 2018, it’s the Intricacy Palette that will make your gold lovin’ heart skip a beat. The array of colors includes several metallics, AKA the “new neutrals,” as well as Holly Berry Red and Yellow Sulfur for bonus drama. When it comes to incorporating this look, it’s all about the accessories. Splashes of the hues sprinkled throughout your decor will bring a fresh, luxe feel. Scroll down to see 15 stylish ways to rock the Intricacy hue in your own home.

1. Subtle Neutrals: Talk about a swoon-worthy space! The gold coffee table and graphic accents bring glam decor drama to an otherwise neutral room. (via My Domaine)

2. Warm and Inviting: Rock those earthy tones *and* bump up the chic factor with small, golden accessories. Mix vintage finds with natural textures and playful tassels to make a charming statement with a hint of shine. (via Target)

3. Retro Accents: There’s no denying that black and gold are the ultimate power couple. Plus, a trademark of the Intricacy Palette is to use patterns in unexpected ways; that bold tile floor *totally* checks that box. (via Emily Henderson)

4. Touch of Drama: Check out this gorg kitchen for some inspo on rocking Intricacy’s Holly Berry Red as an accent color. Here, it shows up on the inside of a cabinet and on pendant light wires for a balanced pop. (via Inside Out)

5. Moroccan Vibing: The best part about this palette is that you can work it into so many different aesthetics. Silver lighting, like in this Moroccan-inspired dining room, will bring a touch of sparkle to earthy decor. (via Blackband Home Design)

6. Brilliant Dining: Add a little sunshine to your neutral palette with bright yellow dining chairs. They’re cheery, modern, and guaranteed to make your next dinner party totes Instagrammable. (via Armelle Habib)

7. Boho Touches: There’s nothing like a bold, red Persian rug to make a statement. Spot that sunny, framed mirror down the hall? Yep, it’s just the subtle, yellow and red combo Pantone prescribed. (via Hus & Hem)

8. Geometric Bar: Renting? Play around with removable wallpaper on your backsplash or island to get the mixed-pattern look in your temporary space. (via Sarah Sherman Samuel)

9. Moody Gray: Gold gets most of the attention these days, but silver is still a haute, mod option. Start with shiny gray as a base color for your space, then let yellow accents do all the talking. (via Homedit)

10. Hot Seat: Bright yellow seating looks absolutely radiant with white walls and silver lamps. Plus, who can resist a colorful chair covered in a cushy, sheepskin throw? (via Refinery 29)

11. Modern Rustic: Pairing rustic furniture with contemporary elements, like an all-white coffee table and yellow armchair, will bring balance and versatility to a room. Seal the deal with golden candlesticks and a furry chair for extra flair. (via Sarah Sherman Samuel)

12. Graphic Pieces: Toying with the idea of incorporating Intricacy’s playful colors into your bedroom? Crimson pillows and funky, mustard table lamps are the way to do it. (via The Painted House)

13. Wow-Worthy Accents: If your favorite part about the Intricacy palette is the bold pop of red alongside neutral metallics, why not go all out? And yes, you get extra decor points if you paint your doors and door frame Sulphur Yellow. (via 47 Park Av)

14. Cheeky Seating: Colorful dining chairs might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but who can resist color-dipping? Bring some vibrancy to an all-white breakfast nook with splashes of Intricacy hues on your chair legs. (via Vtwonen)

15. Shower Style: Okay, this yellow subway tile shower isn’t so much of an accent as it is a wow-worthy statement piece. Seriously, this bathroom makes a bumblebee palette look downright glam. (via Inside Out)

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