It鈥檚 only right that Pantone 鈥 the color authority that keeps us privy to the year鈥檚 most stylish hues 鈥 has something to say about the interior decor trends that will rule next year. And if their trend forecast rings true, our home decor-loving hearts have a whole lot to get excited about for 2018. Metallics will make spaces more glam, typography will send all sorts of messages, and iridescent shimmers will add enchanting touches to abodes far and wide. This trend forecast has a whole lot to say, and we鈥檙e all ears (and eyes).

1. Raw Materials: All signs point to the raw materials trend being here to stay 鈥 and we def don鈥檛 hate it! But if you think that means you have to go full-on rustic, think again. Mother Nature鈥檚 treasures are taking on new life with more contemporary designs that鈥檒l ensure your look remains totally up-to-date and down-to-earth. (via RP Online)

2. Fringe: Pantone is predicting fringe will be popping up everywhere in the coming seasons. And it won鈥檛 stop at pillows and wall hangings. Expect to see funky fringe on everything from ottomans to dressers. (via Brit + Co)

3. Iridescent Accents: If you love the opal-y look that iridescence brings, get ready to swoon. This sweet shimmer will be making design magic on anything and everything this year. (via Brit + Co)

4. Typography: Move over, 鈥淟ive Laugh Love.鈥 Typical typographic decor is getting a modern update. Get ahead of the curve by adding some simple words to your wall that鈥檒l remind you you鈥檙e a HBIC. (via Damask Love)

5. Intense Colors: The bright blues, fuschias, and greens that you see in the digital world are making their way into our homes just in time for your spring-y revamp. (via Sugar & Cloth)

6. Metallics: There鈥檚 no limit to the luxe goodness that dashes of metallic decor can bring into your space. Mix 鈥檈m and match 鈥檈m for an ultra-glam, layered effect. (via Glitter Guide)

7. Geometric Patterns: Geometric patterns add a unique flavor of fun to any design scheme, so we鈥檙e glad to see they鈥檙e not going anywhere. If your abode is feeling a little dull, instantly refresh it with some bold geo patterns RN! (via Colorful Homes)

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(h/t Realtor)