If you have a really special event coming up soon, you’ll be want to be looking your very best. We’re here to help you knock your look out of the park. All you have to worry about is the outfit and killer heels you will be slinging on — we’ve got the rest. So gather your trusty glam squad and get ready for some major pampering. This is your pre-party beauty to-do for the big night.


1. Hydrate All Day: This should be a normal regimen in your daily life. When you have enough water in your system, you will be amazed at how good you feel. Your skin is clear and has a glow to it. Your hair grows faster. And you will sleep better too! Try infusing some water with one the these three recipes to make it even more delicious (and nutritious).

2. Brow Wax: Be sure to get your eyebrows done a couple days before the event. That way, if you have a tendency to get red, they won’t be flaming on the day of. If you’re going to a new place, have them test a wax strip on the inside of your wrist so there are no surprises. When you have well-shaped and cleaned-up brows, it will make your face look more complete. And remember, brows are sisters, not twins.

3. Get a Blow Out: If you are wearing your hair down, leave it to the professionals. You can get it washed and styled all while sipping on some bubbly. If you are nervous about getting it done on a special night, bring pictures of yourself looking your best. Usually a blowout with curl at your ends will do.


4. DIY Lip Scrub: This is a fun one. Make sure you are using all-natural ingredients so there are no worries if it gets messy. A lip scrub will get dead skin off, plump up your kisser and make your lip color more prominent. These also make great homemade gifts. Our rosemary peppermint one is ah-mazing. (via Hello Natural)

5. Get a Facial: Just not the week of! The whole point of a facial is to bring all the bacteria and buildup in your pores out. Schedule this at least two weeks out. You will still have all the great benefits by the time the events comes, and your breakouts will be history.

6. Get Rid of Under-Eye Puffiness: Under-eye puffiness and dark circles are something all women struggle with. They can be due to genetics, lack of sleep, dehydration, the list goes on… Makeup will color-correct the dark circles, but it can’t cover the enlarged bags under your eyes. You could either get a nice under-eye mask, or put cold spoons in the freezer (yes, that really works!).


7. Mani/Pedi: Any excuse to get your nails done is a good excuse. Make sure you do this the week of your event to avoid chipped nails. And choose colors that will complement your outfit and your skin tone. We recommend doing gel on the hands and getting the buffing and exfoliation on the feet, especially if your heels are exposed. Just know that pedicures wear off after three weeks. How many times have you ruined a manicure before you left the building? We know.

When is your next event? Let us know in the comments below.