First, Louboutin introduced us to his insane shoe game. Next came designer nail polishes. It was just a matter of time until this day came — Christian Louboutin has introduced the world to a product that’s taken on a new level of luxury: lipstick.


In true Louboutin form, this is not your average lip product — and we’re not talking about their insane $90 price tag (!). The packaging is truly stunning; shiny gold capsule-like tubes hold the lipstick in place while a little charm sits on top of the jewel-like cap. The caps feature a tiny loop in it so you can actually make your lipstick into a necklace (props for the DIY lipstick accessory potential here, Mr. Loub). The finishes on the spiky tubes range from smooth, sleek and slightly shiny to chic mermaid-like scales. Each lipstick features the snazzy gold packaging with the exception of a ~special~ signature Rouge Louboutin shade which lives in a slick black lacquer case.


The line offers your pout 38 shades to choose from across three different but classic lipstick textures: silky satin (medium-to-full coverage, satin finish + hint of shine), velvet matte (super pigmented with a matte finish) and sheer voile (sheer, slightly shiny finish). The silky satin collection features 20 hues; the velvet matte and sheer voile collections offer nine shades respectively. Bottom line: You have a ton of texture and color options with to upgrade your pout year round.


Saks is where Louboutin-loving ladies + lads can snag one of these come September. There’s a lot of lipstick out there, so it’s important to figure out what you’re after: texture, shade, formula, wear, packaging… the list goes on and on. While these Louboutin lipsticks prob won’t become your “I have one at home, one in my purse, one at the office, one in my car…” shades, treating yourself to one (or more!) is not a bad idea if wearing it puts a little pep in your step ;) There’s something magical that happens when you’re rocking a lipstick you feel great about, so go for it.

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(h/t Allure)