We鈥檙e all about taking classic fashion to a whole new level, and today, we鈥檙e starting with basic black heels. Most of you probably already own a pair (if not multiple), and rightfully so 鈥 they鈥檙e simple enough to go with just about any outfit. That being said, simplicity isn鈥檛 the only path to adaptability. The following 18 pairs of black heels are uniquely bold enough to stand out from the crowd, while still maintaining their versatile nature. Scroll on through to find your next go-to pair of heels!


1. Pointed Toe Pumps ($101): These pumps are so striking, from the unique straps to the distinctive snakeskin pattern. We recommend pairing these with a dress or romper so you can show 鈥檈m off like nobody鈥檚 business.


2. Jaycen Sandals ($44): If these shoes look familiar, that鈥檚 because they probably are. Platform-heeled sandals are back from the 鈥90s and better than ever.


3. Mid-Heel Ghillie Heels ($105): Elegant ballerina-like heels, at your service. Not only is this pair exceptionally dainty, but the short height of the heel maximizes comfort as well.


4. Cutout Heeled Shoe Boots ($155): Some boots are made for walking, but these are definitely made for strutting. You go, girl!


5. High Heel Cutout Dress Sandals ($100): Cutouts are still trending in all areas of fashion, including shoes. The metallic elements of these sandals really draw attention to them in the best way.


6. Flying First-Sass Heels ($31): When oxfords made their way back into women鈥檚 fashion a few years ago, we were oh-so happy. They鈥檙e a great option for both work and聽happy hour.


7. Kayla Fringe Sandals ($149): Take a cue from the fabulous flappers of the 鈥20s and embrace fringe with open arms. Rather than being flashy, the fringe on these sandals is subtle enough to maintain an overall classy look.


8. Seena Leather Sandals ($70): The side cutouts here are a breath of fresh air in the heavily populated world of peep-toe heels. These standout heels are bound to be a wardrobe essential.


9. Suede Bessie Heels ($79): This is probably one of the mostversatile pairs of them all. You can rock 鈥檈m all day and all night, and they鈥檇 never look out of place.


10. Leather Wooden Platform Clogs ($90): These aren鈥檛 what we first think of when we hear the word 鈥clogs,鈥 but that鈥檚 probably a good thing. They鈥檙e oh-so stylish and have a rockin鈥 鈥70s vibe that we just can鈥檛 get enough of.


11. Madewell d鈥橭rsay Heel ($130): If you haven鈥檛 checked out Madewell鈥檚 pumps and heels, pick up a pair on your next denim + boot run and you can thank us later.


12. Saber Cutout Heels ($135): For those of you who have trouble walking in heels, we鈥檝e found the solution. This heel is both short and in block shape, so there鈥檚 no room left for those balancing troubles.


13. Tapune Wedge Sandals ($18): These wedge sandals are capitalizing on the best parts of the revived Birkenstock craze, and we鈥檙e not complaining. Think it would be okay to add a comfortable cork layer to all of our shoes?


14. Rebecca Heels ($39): This looks like something straight out of Taylor Swift鈥檚 鈥淏ad Blood鈥 music video. #badass


15. Olga Pumps ($20): The contrast between the black and transparent areas of these pumps is what makes it stand out the most. Transparent sections are also an excellent way to turn a pair of black heels into daytime summer wear.


16. La Pepite Suede Heels ($158): These are seriously some of the coolest suede shoes we鈥檝e ever seen. Block heels have also been rising in popularity lately, making this pair extremely trendy.


17. Snake-Effect Mules ($65): Nobody can ever have enough snakeskin patterns in their shoe collection, especially when it serves as the accent material. And on this pair, the snakeskin portion even doubles as more support for your foot.


18. Wlwen Cutout Sandals ($85): We definitely saved the craziest, most edgy pair for last. Everybody鈥檚 going to be asking about these from the minute you step out of your front door.

Which pair of black heels would you rock? Let us know in the comments below!