Is there anything better than denim on denim on denim? We’re so excited about this patchwork look we are bursting at the seams (!!!), and we’ve put together 17 looks you can incorporate into your wardrobe this season. This takes patches to a whole new level. We’re not talking about iron-on patches or the hand-stitched patches of yesteryear. We’re talking about this super chic, trendy twist on the traditional standby. So while you’re shopping for all these trendy denim must-haves, don’t forget to get a little inspiration from these looks. Not only are they totally on-trend, they’ll go perfectly with all your favorite go-to denim styles.

1. Denim Coat: Stay cozy with a patchwork coat! This look is great for layering and will make any outfit classy and trendy. And, it looks great with jeans. (via Elin Kling)

2. Slouchy Pants: Get a little grunge with slouchy pants, perfect for all those music and BBQ festivals you’ll be attending! (via Ascot Friday)

3. Shift Dress: This classy look is great for work and play and can be easily paired with your favorite DIY or sparkly jewelry. (via Who What Wear)

4. Jumpsuit: Are rompers still in? Duh! And while this particular piece is no longer available, if you can find something similar, you’ll have all the luxuries of a romper with the style and geometric freshness of the patchwork craze. (via MissGuided)

5. Jeans: It’s important to mix things up every once in a while, and these patchwork jeans are the perfect substitute to your favorite monotoned standby. These jeans are serious and adventurous, and just as versatile as your traditional trousers. (via Harpers Bazaar)

6. Oversized Shirt: A patchwork pattern is your next trusty Saturday look. It is easy and wearable, and can be dressed up with a few simple accents and your best dark denim. (via StyleList)

7. Chambray Shirt: Multi-tones are the name of the game, and this chambray shirt is rocking a number of dark tones. This shirt can be easily paired with your favorite denim shirts and booties for a trendy twist on your go-to outfit. (via Elle)

8. Shorts: Summer isn’t over, and shorts weather is still in full swing! This look combines all the comfort of your favorite shorts and a playful summer mood for a fun, one-of-a-kind fit. (via Addition Elle)

9. Kimono: We are loving this carefree patchwork kimono. It can be dressed up or down and is a perfect transitional piece between summer and fall. Get the full look with these sunnies! (via We the People)

10. Bag ($266): Don’t wear your denim; carry it! This tote is perfect for any occasion, and a great way to sport the patchwork trend.

11. Chiffon: Tired of your usual chambray outfit? Mix your denim with chiffon for this playful look! (via Sheinside)

12. Sweatshirt: Stay cozy with this denim sweatshirt! For an early fall look, pair with these shorts! (via Farfetch)

13. Sleek Shorts ($90): Want to rock the trend in a subtle way? These shorts are adventurous yet refined, just like you.

14. Classy Dress: Stay classy with this slimming dress! Pair with some pumps for a easy work look! (via Farfetch)

15. Two-toned Pants: Rock the patchwork style in a serious way with these two-toned pants! (via Korte Blazer)

16. Collard Denim: This top is serious. Anyone who pulls off a short-sleeved, collared patchwork combo means business. (via That’s Not My Age)

17. Striped Shirt ($24): We are loving this stripe-and-denim combo! This look is perfect for layering, and will look great with your new fall blazer!

Are you a patchwork lover? What’s your favorite look this season? Tell us in the comments below!