There’s the beginning of a chill in the air, but it’s not quite time to break out the coat collection. Instead, opt for a blazer. You can wear it like a jacket, but leave it on if your office is still blasting the A/C like it’s the middle of summer. We love these 15 fun versions that fit every style. Which will you be wearing this fall?

1. Schoolboy Blazer in Tipped Wool ($228): The contrasting piping on this jacket really makes it stand out. The classic gray and black is a perfect staple, but we like the brighter colors, too.

2. Striped Lady Jacket ($130): While still structured, this jacket has a few details that give it some edge. We especially like the zippered cuffs. Try wearing it over a faded concert tee for a casual, yet pulled together look.

3. ASOS Blazer in Textured Boucle ($59): This nubby, textured blazer is perfect for fall. It will have you feeling cozy and looks great with a pair of relaxed jeans.

4. Wool-Blend Jacket ($20): We’re obsessed with the gold stripes on this military inspired jacket. And you can’t beat the price, either!

5. Ex-Boyfriend Blazer  $59): Why go for black when you can make a statement in this jewel-toned green blazer? It’ll be your new staple for fall.

6. Cozy Knit Jacket ($138): There’s something so comforting about this knit jacket. The fact that it’s in a gray and white herringbone pattern doesn’t hurt either!

7. Bleecker Blazer ($69): Who says you can’t mix brown and black? This camel and black stripe blazer will go with everything in your closet.

8. Military Ruffles Jacket ($168): Just because your style is boho doesn’t mean blazers are out of the question. This ruffled take on a military jacket is a perfect fit.

9. Fitted Jacket ($50): We love a good black and white piece, but the fact that this printed blazer also has a bright pop of color wight he red piping makes it even more up our alley. You can wear this jacket with jeans or a suiting dress.

10. Urban Renewal Pieced Sweater Blazer ($69): This mix of sleek suiting and nubby wool is a fun mix that’s appropriate for the office and still casual enough to throw on over the weekend.

11. Hadley Blazer ($128): Our favorite part about this blazer is the peplum detailing in along the back. It really helps define your waist and gives your outfit a structured look—without being too stuffy.

12. Vegan Leather Blazer ($89): You know we love leather accents, and this vegan blazer is no exception. We especially love that the leather continues on the back of the jacket, too.

13. Ofelia Metallic Blazer ($498): This snakeskin printed DVF blazer definitely falls into the splurge category, but how could we resist the metallic? The hunt for a copycat chic version starts now!

14. Tailored Paisley Blazer ($148): Looking for a bold statement piece for your fall wardrobe? Our vote is with this blazer. It’s an playful update on a traditionally stuffy pattern.

15. Short Jacket ($25): This takes our love of typography to a whole new level! Would you dare to wear this jacket?

Which of these blazers is your favorite? Tell us in the comments!