Looking for chic, effortless summer clothing? Look no further. Rompers and playsuits are literally the easiest things to wear this time of the year. Gone are the headache-filled days of rifling through your messy closet for that one and only blouse that matches your shorts. All you have to do to rock one of these 26 stylish rompers is slip it on! Yup, it’s really that simple.

1. Check Print Cami Playsuit ($36): We’re always up for playful gingham, but this modern checked romper has stolen our hearts. Better snap it up before summer’s over, ladies!

2. Abstract Printed Romper ($23): This abstract design is so pretty, and those long sleeves just mean we get even more of it. PS: How fab is this model’s super smokey eye makeup?

3. Playsuit with Frill Sleeve ($366): Just because rompers generally have the same silhouette doesn’t mean that they all look the same! Those frilly sleeves and that plunging keyhole make this one extra unique.

4. Mintaka Romper ($60): We can’t get enough of this romper and its flattering blouson top. Not only is it made from an extremely lightweight material to keep you cool, but it’ll easily fold up for quick beach bag storage.

5. Playsuit in Pastel Lace ($79): We’ve never seen sunflower-shaped lace before, but we’ve already fallen head over heels for it. This fancy playsuit would be a great choice for a formal daytime event.

6. Printed Playsuit ($20): It’s kind of like a pair of overalls, without the hassle of having to find a shirt to wear underneath. Cute and casual, just the way we like it.

7. Crochet Trim Floral Romper ($68): We love mixing prints, but combining different materials can be even more interesting. The silky floral fabric contrasts so well with the traditional lace edging, creating a romper perfect for a summer brunch.

8. Curve Exclusive Cami Playsuit ($42): Sometimes all you need to make a romper stand out is, well, a stand-out color. This emerald playsuit can be dressed up with a sparkling statement necklace, but can also be worn casually with a light scarf.

9. Stripe T-Shirt Playsuit ($56): Nautical styles are a summer staple, which immediately puts this on our want list. The coolest part about this playsuit is the way the stripes’ colors switch at the waist.

10. Mesh Lace Playsuit ($103): Not feelin’ that romper made entirely out of lace? Here is the perfect, semi-sheer solution. Its dark color and tailored look would fit in perfectly at a nighttime party.

11. Graphic Boho Romper ($136): This dainty, ornate pattern adds a huge graphic pop. With some cute floral hair accessories and a few bracelets, you’ll be ready to rock out at that upcoming music festival.

12. Get Busy Romper ($52): So we know we said colorful, but these sleeves make this romper too wonderful to pass up. And hey, gray and white are technically colors, too… right?

13. Curve Playsuit in Pretty Floral ($54): Ah, we missed our good ol’ floral print buds. This playsuit is so chicly casual, and we love that drawstring waist.

14. Picnic Romper ($115): As trendy as we found that unusual checked romper, summer will always be gingham-wearing season. This romper’s flirty ruffle top and slinky spaghetti straps give it a more modern look, to prevent you from looking too Little House on the Prairie.

15. Playsuit in Floral Print With Cutaway Back ($86): Floral print number two! With a stunning print and a sophisticated color palette, this’ll soon become your favorite piece of clothing.

16. Thebe Romper ($98): The longer length of this garment would probably make it a jumpsuit, but we’re not arguing with the fashion gurus at Anthropologie. These prints are mixed quite tastefully, and you didn’t even have to do it yourself.

17. Colorful Daisies Playsuit ($109): Guys, it’s really hot out. This multicolored playsuit features cutouts for even more cooling off, as well as black piping to highlight the unique structure.

18. Woven Surplice Romper ($20): This is one gorgeous hue. We may have to consult our Pantone guide to determine whether this romper is hot pink or magenta, but we love it either way.

19. Playsuit in Broken Stripe ($58): Stripes, stripes, stripe-ity, stripes. Oh, we heart you so.

20. Ice Cream Romper ($52): I scream, you scream, we all scream for… this super cute chiffon romper. All we need are a pair of Birckenstock-inspired sandals and a mint chocolate chip ice cream cone to float up to cloud nine.

21. Caged Playsuit ($86): We’ve already shared some awesome transparent accents in shoes with y’all, but check out this playsuit! It’s the summer of see-through.

22. Abstract Tribal Print Romper ($35): Where does the sleeve end? Where do the shorts start? We have no idea, but that’s what makes this tribal romper so fantastic.

23. Curve Playsuit With Mesh Sweetheart ($48): Another see-through number, because it’s a trend we hold very dear to our hearts. It’s sheer and sexy, and you could definitely add that pop of color with a large pair of earrings.

24. Tailored Playsuit ($92): This tailored playsuit may be red, but it’s pretty much a blank canvas. There are so many ways to accessorize. We’d probably rock it with a chic hairdo, some serious arm candy and a simple pair of pumps.

25. Embroidered Cap Sleeve Romper ($25): Cutouts are pretty fab, but cutwork can be even fab-er (yes, that’s a word now). Just check out how much visual interest it adds to the top of the romper.

26. Geo Printed Woven Romper ($23): And finally, this magnificently woven romper. The thick and textured material gives it a high quality look and feel for a super affordable price!

Which of these would you romp around in this summer? Let us know in the comments below!