You know we’re all about bright colors here at Brit HQ, even when it comes to the home. Bold decorating choices like neon furniture and color block rooms are right up our alley, so beautifully patterned interiors are, of course, no exception. Whether you playfully mix your patterns or stick with your one favorite, these 25 living spaces will inspire your love of all things pattern.

1. Chevron Rug: When all else fails, say yes to chevron. It’s a pattern that works on everything from walls to carpets, as shown by this amazing area rug. (via Live Creating Yourself)

2. Patterned Bed: The worn finish on the patterned pillows and bed throw dull its colors, making it easier to pair with other extreme faded patterns. They also go extremely well with the room’s Moroccan market vibe. (via Design*Sponge)

3. Orange and Teal Patterns: Move over starburst mirror, the real star of this room is the cool mix of orange and teal patterns. The floral pillows that bookend the bunch tie the colors together. (via Caitlin Wilson)

4. Gold and Coral Wallpaper: This eclectic bathroom proves that a healthy mix of old and new works. Vintage gold picture frames and a gilded mirror pop against the bright, modern coral wallpaper. (via Apartment Therapy)

5. Grayscale: Downplay the intensity of multiple patterns in one living space by choosing a neutral palate like this light gray. We think this minimal design is simply gray-dient. (via Decoist)

6. Patterned Chairs: Various shades of blue anchor this gorgeous dining room, allowing the mix of striped and floral high-back chairs to really pop. (via Design Defined)

7. Playful Patterns: This room takes a lot of design risks that surprisingly pay off. Not only does it gracefully feature the three primary colors in the same room, it successfully pairs bright paisley and puppy dog-patterned throw pillows. (via Houzz)

8. Going Green: We’re used to patterned blues, yellows, and creams dominating living quarters, but what about green? The woven pattern on this key lime and olive curtain is definitely the way to make it work. (via Eye See Pretty)

9. Lattice Pattern: Dual lattice patterns make this room look super contemporary. Varying sizes of the same basic shape ensure that nothing clashes in the wrong way. (via Houzz)

10. Swirling Squares: This room is totally hypnotizing! The swirling square carpet and the dazzling diamond pillows make this room seem vividly vibrant. (via Houzz)

11. Color on Color: Let’s face it, sometimes more is more. This bold mix of color across the splatter patterned curtains, floral sofa, and neon chevron pillows is artsy and playful. (via Design Defined)

12. Kaleidoscope Headboard: Here’s another way to mix a ton of color in a less obvious way. The fabric on this dramatically tall headboard and curtains jumbles tiny dots of color that resemble the lense of a kaleidoscope. (via House to Home)

13. Patterned Prints: We love this less permanent approach to adding pattern to a living space. These large patterned prints make amazingly unique wall art. (via Casual Concepts)

14. Sailboat Wallpaper: It can be tough to pull off a themed room, but it’s smooth sailing with this boat-themed bathroom. The whimsical sailboat wallpaper is a perfect match for the shower’s ocean blue tile. (via Design*Sponge)

15. Blue and White Patterns: Polka dots and block shapes make this classic color pairing way more visually interesting. Did you catch the amazing inverse pattern on those gorgeous wooden armchairs? (via Houzz)

16. Colorful Backsplash: Sneak some pattern play into your kitchen with a colorful tile backsplash. Genius! (via Edgewater Studio)

17. Discs and Dinos: We’re not quite sure about the dinosaur, but the disc-patterned headboard is a new favorite. (via Lonny)

18. Stripes on Stripes: We love how this space plays off the stripes of the exposed beams with striped carpets and rugs in both the bedroom and bathroom. (via Spicer + Bank)

19. Patterned Tile Floor: Give your kitchen a Moroccan feel with these bright blue hexagonal tiles. (via Kismet Tile)

20. Chevron Fan: Ceiling fans can be down right ugly. So we love this chevron update. We’d just like to see it in action. (via Design*Sponge)

21. Carpet Runner: A patterned stair runner is an easy way to add pattern to your home. And if you change your mind later it’s an easy update to make as well. (via Style at Home)

22. Floral Print Wallpaper: Floral wallpaper doesn’t have to look like it belongs in your grandma’s house. We love these bold blooms. (via Decoist)

23. Patterned Furniture Accents: Not only are we in love with the wallpaper, we can’t get enough of the way the pattern on the table mimics it without being too matchy-matchy. (via La Dolce Vida)

24. Spots and Stripes: We love this playful way of mixing spots and stripes in a shared kids’ room. Think of it as a decor friendly version of the tape line down the center of the room. (via Decoist)

25. Triangle Wallpaper: Go bold on just one wall with this triangle patterned wall paper. Using in the stairwell enlivens an otherwise forgotten space. (via Mpression)

Which patterned interiors did you find most inspiring? Talk to us in the comments below!