Just like every other holiday, Easter only comes around once a year. FYI, the holiday that hops around lands on Sunday, April 5 this year. Since *everyone* loves to capitalize on holidays — guilty as charged, check out all of our eggcellent Easter egg ideas — a new contender in the WTF holiday product category has been released. And it has us Peep-ing.

That’s right, Easter now has its own version of Eggnog and it is filled with everyone’s (questionably) favorite marshmallow treat, Peeps. From Prairie Farms Dairy comes Peeps-flavored milk, available in chocolate marshmallow, regular ol’ marshmallow and the shining star of the trio: Easter Eggnog. Notably missing is a recipe to spike these dairy treats, so let the creative juices flow.


While we’re super curious to try a glass of these fluffy beverages out, they currently are only available in the Mid-west. So it’s either time for a Spring Break road trip or the perfect chance to beg your grocery store’s stocking manager.

Would you try a pint of the Peeps Milk? Let us know in the comments.

(h/t Mashable)