In the spirit of back-to-school season, we鈥檙e letting you in on the coolest lamp we鈥檝e seen this fall. Husband and wife design duo Michael & George have taken inspiration from the timeless wooden HB Pencil for the first product in their home decor line cleverly named Stationery Objects.

The six-foot tall pencil illuminates from the 鈥渆raser,鈥 serving as not only a piece of home installation art, but a lamp! And trust us, when it comes to pencil lamps, this thing is the real deal. Just like the iconic orange, wooden pencil, the lamp is made out of wood for the body, brass for the end and rubber for the light-up 鈥渆raser.鈥

The extra fun part about this lamp is that in place of lead in the center, the cord is used as a tool to 鈥渄raw.鈥 You can make cool shapes and lines to emphasize its larger-than-life fun. Talk about a bright idea. And how adorable is that packaging?!

Right now the HB Lamp is showing at the London Design Festival and you can buy one for yourself at $1,590. If that鈥檚 a little out of your lamp budget, just wait! There is a desktop version in the works. Standing at just over one foot tall, this will be such a pleasant break from your average desk lamp.

(h/t Inhabit)

What would you draw with the cord of the HB Pencil lamp? We鈥檇 love to know in the comments!